Healing Part 4 - Right hand verses left hand people.

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In this quote from William LePar's spiritual source, The Council, they discuss right-handed verses left-handed people.

Questioner: Is there any particular hand that should be used? Or should both be used on opposite sides of the head?

The Council: Well, there is much spoken of as far as positive and negative sides of the physical container, and these, in actuality, play their part to some degree as far as the electrical fields of the body itself, but this is nullified basically when it comes to healing; so whatever is comfortable for the one who is laying on the hands. If you feel more comfortable placing your right hand on the ailment, then fine, do so. If you feel more comfortable placing your left hand on the ailing portion, then do so. It is really immaterial when it comes to healing, because what transpires when a healing takes place is something that is beyond the fields or the personal fields of the body; they are influenced by the Divine Source.

There are some thoughts on healing where one must have a negative charge to a positive side and vice versa. Well, it makes for interesting reading, but this is not the case, in actuality, because what transpires when the healing forces become present or active is that they are neither positive nor negative. They are the pure source of the energy and are utilized or transformed according to the needs of the physical container. So, do not assume that you may short-circuit some field or another. These are the mechanical activities of the physical container that are utilized to bring about an ailment but are overridden basically, or to simplify the situation, they are overridden when a healing is to take place. So one may say they are nullified or normalized, whichever term you care to use.

Questioner: In a previous communication I asked if there was any significance to being left-handed, and the Council replied that this would be something that should be brought up later. Would this be a good time? Would this tie in with right brain and left brain?

The Council: It certainly is tied in to the activities of the right and left side of the brain.

Questioner: Would left-handers tend to be better healers?

The Council: No. It is solely the activity of the right side of the brain and its ability to override the left side, and by practicing the visualization you learn to control the left side and overcome its more direct activity. A left-handed individual is no better than a right-handed individual. If you will review what we were discussing at that time, you will come up with some specific questions along that line that would be interesting to get the answers to. We think that should suffice for this evening.

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