He organizes the events to take place, to build up one's faith gradually

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Let us recapture the incident that happened to Shri Appa Sahib Kulkarni in the year 1917 as high-lighted in the 33rd chapter of Sai Satcharitra. His wife narrates to him as to how she has donated Re.1/- to a fakir in the name of BABA. Shri. Kulakarni was not happy with his wife's doings and he desired to part with Rs.10/- if he were to come across the fakir again. Indeed he could succeed in locating the fakir and unknowingly he parted with the amount as desired by him This fact es-tablishes well that SAI knows all the thoughts reeling in our minds and hearts from time to time and accordingly organizes the events to take place, to build up one's faith gradually.
I wish to submit that I also underwent a similar experience and intend to share with my fellow devotees. I got married on the day of festival of colours i.e. Holi in the year 1970 in Temple premises of the deity 'SRI KANYAKA PARAMESHWARI ' located in Socunderabad. lt has be-come a routine practice for me to visit the temple with all my family members on the day of our wedding anniversiry every year. It was the year 1991 and as usual we reached the temple. An old man resembling Sai approached me for dakshina and I gave him a Re.1/- and went inside the temple for the rituals. The priest was busy in reciting manthras and my mind was pre- occupied with thought that, it being day of importance in my life I should have offered Rs.10/- as dakshina to the old man.
We completed the prayer and were leisurely sitting on a bench chit chatting about our past events and milestones. A Sikh sanyasi stood before us and introduced himself as a servant in a GU-RUDWARA of Nanded and desired some financial assistance. I recalled my thooughts a little while ago and happily parted with Rupees ten as desired. I for the moment felt that Sai himself has accepted the dakshina as was evident from the typical smile he has thrown on me while leav-ing. The smile resembled the one I regularly see on the huge photograph of SAI adorned in my house.