Having the void filled

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Having the void filled, there is still a void.

The filling didn't make the void disappear,
it just made it filled.

It is still here,
the void,
mostly unconsciously
all through,
never forgotten even for a split of a second
that there is still a void in here
to make sure it is constantly filled.

There is a way out,
it's not by neurotically filling the void,
nor by trying to stop the filling,
it's also not by trying to embrace the void,
the mind can embrace almost everything
but not the void,
because the void is
the opposite of its core existence.

The way out is
to recognize this void
and then remember it
mostly consciously
all through
while filling it.

Simple as that
which is not simple at all -
It takes patience, persistence, trust and time
to undo
an addictive habit
of so many years.

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The mind's addiction to entertainment

Excellent post.

This void, this feeling of emptiness, is the core reason for all our addictions, small and big. What operates the human robot is not fear of pain or desire for pleasure as so many believe (including the Buddha) but something more fundamental: the fear of emptiness.

How do we resolve this mighty force that controls us?
The suggestion in the post is indeed the way. More detailed and excellent insights that I found here are:


seeker | Thu, 01/09/2014 - 15:11