Have you ever acknowledged the superb quality of the sound of reality?

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A few days ago, we went to a professional stereo shop to buy a good stereo receiver and speakers.

The typical procedure there goes more or less this way: you sit in a comfortable armchair in the middle and listen to the music while they switch among the speaker sets and stereo equipments. You feel the sounds produced by the various equipments and slowly slowly develop your taste until you find the set that delivers the most favorable sound for you. Some speakers produce more open sounds, some deeper sounds, some condensed, some metallic, warm, cold, whole, focused, and so on. Most of the attributes however cannot, of course, be expressed in words and arithmetic measures, you just need to listen and feel like in any aesthetic experience, this is what makes the whole selection process so difficult but also makes it interesting. I felt many times during the testing that my heart is vibrating more strongly when it was it.

At some point, we felt too confused and too tired of listening so we decided to take a break and go out and have coffee at a near coffee shop. As we went out of the shop to the busy street, my mind was still tuned to the task of evaluating qualities of sounds and so I found myself immediately in a state of shock, being aware and truly admiring for the first time in my life the top quality and richness of the basic sound of reality, the natural quality that all these sophisticated stereo systems try desperately to simulate. The wholeness of the street buzz, the spatial nature of the sounds, the exact stereo balancing of the noises of movement of the cars, the proportional echos of the steps of a passing man. A breathtaking quality, a breathtaking symphony, a breathtaking balance.

I also found myself, during the experience, strongly grounded in the here and now but couldn't completely understand what exactly the connection is or rather didn't care to understand at that time as the dwelling in the explanation would have moved me from the here and now to the thinking process.

Only later it dawned on me: in order to be "then and there", you, of course need to be "here and now" (in order to contemplate the imaginary future scenes or recall past scenes, there should be a contemplating process happening in the only place and time it can happen: here and now), the point is that you are just not aware of that "being in the here and now" when you are here and now. The suggestion regarding this is always: recede from the next mental leap of "then and there" invoked when you are "here and now" and simply stay in the "here and now" mentally. The same is with the sound: in order to listen to the artificial sound of the stereo equipment, you need first to have the basic faculty of being able to listen to simply "what is". We take this ability and the quality generated by this ability for granted. Only then when you use this basic ability, you extend to the next step of listening to the sound produced by the professional high-quality stereo equipment. Unfortunately, only then you are starting to be conscious of the quality. Why not stay in the basic "here and now" sound and admire its far more superb level of quality?

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the blind spot of the taken for granted

Beautiful, a potent gateway to the here and now.

As always the most shocking insights hide in the trivial things we tend to take for granted. I once heard someone calling it "the blind spot of the taken for granted"

nancy pro | Sat, 03/07/2009 - 12:41
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meditated instead of mediated

Yes, the more we distant from the nearer, the more we distant from the here and now.

The more we are ignorant of the simple things, naturally the more we feel emptiness and boredom and so we try to search hopelessly in other places and times.

And it goes without saying: the nearer simple things hold qualities no distant mediated mediums can ever reach because of the simple fact that they incorporate extra mediation on top of the non-mediated.

Remembering to inspect the sounds, visions, smells of "what is" exactly the same way we know so good to do through the filters of equipments (stereo equipment, movie, etc.) even only a few short times a day, makes a difference.

leo | Sat, 03/07/2009 - 13:21
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so true

This is why when we emerge from a meditation retreats for example we marvel at the beauty of trees, from the touch of the wind, from a noise of passing birds...

banana | Tue, 04/14/2009 - 18:26
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wonderful sound

wonderful sound, great feeling

seeker | Mon, 03/09/2009 - 10:34
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What a wonderful world

Such wonderful sounds and visions and smells and feelings, what a fullness of joy, how can anyone feel empty with such divine entertainment... And above all people...

Maybe we feel empty because we are not aware of all this in action as the article suggests...

enlight | Fri, 05/29/2009 - 16:49
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The sound of reality

This is a wonderful experience and, I believe, one to deepen too as it seems that you have been shown a border to a deeper sound, but the point is the same.

In presence, you can hear a deeper sound. This sound is at first similar to a constant high pitch sound in the ears, but listen deeper. There is a harmony and richness inside/behind/beyond what seems to be a simple linear sound that is just there, for anyone who wants to listen.

The wise and very often underrated/estimated Pythagoras spoke of this as being the Music of the spheres and in India, it is called Shabda.

I don't think the sound of reality is the sound of Samsara :) even though it is a door. For me, if one embraces and enters an intimate relationship with what is presented to us in every moment, as ancient Kashmir Saivism Tantrikas taught, then we can relate to every aspect of life and enter union with all.


"Trust allows you to navigate imagination beyond where shadows lie". Tony Samara

PranaBeats | Tue, 04/27/2010 - 12:19