HASYAYOGA is the key to health & Happiness

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There is an anecdote from the epic Mahabharata. Just before the completion of their AGYATWAS(the period of being underground), the PANDAVAS were roaming in the forests. Yudhishthir, the eldest of all the Pandavas got worried when the four brothers who had gone in search of water, did not return even after a long time. As he was searching for them, he reached up to a pond. He saw his brothers lying in an unconscious state. The God of the Waterbody asked Yudhishthir several questions. One of his questions was, “what is the most important treasure?”
Quick came the reply from Yudhishthir, “HEALTH.”
Yaksh, the God of the pond approved, “Well said. Right answer,” and the four brothers regained consciousness.

Krishna said in Geeta-

“Prasade savedukhana hanirasyoprajyate
Prasannchetso hayasu budhhi: Paryavatishtthte |”

(2nd Chapter, Shlok 65)

i.e., a happy mind dispels all the melancholy, sadness and fears. He, who is happy, gets a stable mind. This means- laugh away all your worries. Perhaps, there is no philosopher, thinker, propagator, scholar or Saint who has not underlined the importance of laughter.

The most ancient medical science in the world, viz, AYURVEDA, describes the vata, pitta and cough amongst its basic principles and the imbalance in the three ingredients has been described as the root cause of all the disorders in the human body. According to this principle of ‘TRIDOSHA’, ‘the Vata’ and ‘the Pitta’ are constant, but ‘the Vata’ being active controls the other two. ‘Vata’ , i.e., Vayu or Gas. Prana, Apaan , Udaan , Samaan , Vyaan do exist in the human body and this very activity regulates the flow of the oxygen in our body. Laughter-Yoga fulfills this very requirement of the human body in the best possible way.

Jonathan Skit, the famous psychologist, has described the three Doctors :

• Doctor Diet ( balanced diet )
• Doctor Peace ( the peace of mind )
• Doctor Smile ( Laughter )

In the times of Fast food and the Junk food, Doctor Diet is on strike. Doctor Peace has vanished in the speed of life. The entire world is desperately searching for him. Now, the third –Doctor Smile. Before, he also runs away, let us make all possible endeavors to make him ‘OURS’.

I am an ordinary practitioner of LAUGHTER-YOGA, but through constant study and experiences, I have been able
to imbibe the minute details of LAUGHTER-YOGA. I have realized the effects of LAUGHTER on my body and mind and eventually on my temperament and that is how I was moved into the propagation of LAUGHTER-YOGA.

You need not be a YOGI in order to assume LAUGHTER-YOGA. You can very well continue to be a ‘Bhogi’ i.e., an ordinary worldly person. I feel that one can work in the welfare of the society only when one lives in it and not by running away. Laughter Yoga is so easy that a person can take on it in any age. But this simplicity of LAUGHTER-YOGA does not mean that every body can become Laughter Therapist without any study and experience of Laughter Yoga. Though simple, it’s very deep. If you are overpowered by the feeling of ‘disappointment’, medical bills have become a source of constant worry or a success in life seems to you impossible Take on to Laughter-Yoga and feel the change in your life.

In the metros, I find, people have forgotten their natural laughter in order to look SOPHISTICATED. The natural attributes of childhood have vanished. What we know or want to know is SPEED. We don’t have time for anything else.You may say that it is selfishness. Don’t only live for your children, family or society, give some time to yourself . Practice Laughter Yoga every morning for 20 to 25 minutes in the open air. These 20-25 minutes spent upon yourself shall impart new life,energy, motivation and a healthy mind and body to you , your family and the society at large.

-------- Jiten kohi

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Is it the same as Osho's

Is it the same as Osho's laughing workshop?

Very effective. Laughing releases a lot of dark bad energies.

Tania | Thu, 01/01/2009 - 12:55
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laughing is a great tool as well as crying

You can do it at home alone or better with other people (as the laughing energy is contagious)

One important trick:

If in the beginning you can't make yourself laugh then do it artificially. Just laugh artificially, imitate it in the beginning but at a certain point it will start flowing naturally and spontaneously.

It is a good lesson for life - if you need to do something and in the beginning it doesn't happen spontaneously - try to start doing it artificially. Not that we need in general to start acting artificially now...

john | Thu, 01/01/2009 - 13:29
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why is it called hasyayoga? what's the meaning of "hasya"?

david | Thu, 01/01/2009 - 13:55