Has Formless Spirituality taken over this site?

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Does anyone else feel like this site has been somewhat hijacked?

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In a way...

IMO he is posting too much, I agree. Maybe there's some way a limit could be put on the number of bloggings per week, or something.


Omkaradatta | Wed, 07/30/2008 - 03:54
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It means we do not post enough

It means we do not post enough! :-)

So it's time to get to work!

He is maybe posting way too much and it is always the same stuff, isn't it?

nathan | Wed, 07/30/2008 - 05:01
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yes.. please santosh, give us some space... how about go sit under a tree or in a chai shop instead of in front of the computer for a little while? or maybe get your own website.. sorry i dont want to be rude but it is a bit too much and off putting

spirala | Wed, 07/30/2008 - 05:33
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The sad part


The sad part is that with all these endless blogs and fire energies of santosh, I'm not sure I could understand what he exactly means with this non-duality repeating slogans except of the "duality is false therefore duality-based XXX should be disregarded".

If this is not the whole essence then please someone explain in plain words suitable to a very simple peasant like me, what it is all about?

If this is the whole essence then why so many blogs and comments when it can be summarized in one sentence?

divine intervention | Wed, 07/30/2008 - 05:57
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I don't think so

It is only one person. I found it a bit hard to read and follow his stuff, kinda repeating one mantra over and over again. Maybe I'm wrong.

It doesn't pop up too much (it doesn't show in the blog list and the tag clouds) so it doesn't really bother me when I surf here.

Is it worth reading? Is it practical or a dogma?

salim | Wed, 07/30/2008 - 05:40
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You are not from that one, in from that million

Hi fellow bloggers,
I thank you for you kind comments. I appreciate and admire your intellectual abilities. I do not not know why you feel so.I am not a guru, or reformer or intellectual genius like you great guys.

As great Advith Master Nisrgadutt Maharaj said, one in million will able to grasp the truth, since you,you, you,you,you are not from that one in, that million, you will not be able to grasp the truth. So do not bother about it. The truth cannot be understood by intellectual understanding ,but it has to be grasped through deeper inquiry and reasoning.

He who knows the truth, knows the untruth. No one can know, what is untruth, without knowing the truth.Therefore F.S is not for the mass, who are not searching the truth, but for the class, who are only after the truth.

Since all my blogs are my personal experince, which is come out deeper inquiry and revelation.As and when it is reveled, I posted in the forms of blogs. Since it is the self, which is reveled the truth, using me as an instrument. It is not my imagination, nor that I invented some new theories. It is purely essence, which has oozed out from the deeper inquiry and reasoning, from the inner core, which is the self that is the nondual spirit.

I am unaffected by your criticisms or praises. Even history speaks: when the truth of Vedas reveled by the great vedic authority Swami Dayananda Sarswati, founder of Arya samaj, the religious scholars and intellectuals, did not tolerate, the truth expounded by the great master, they poisoned and killed him. But today people started realizing the fact that, what swami Dayanand Sarswthi has expounded is truth.

Great thinker of the world U.G.Krishnmurty went on criticizing J.Krishnamurthy. But nothing affects the truth. Both have their own followers.

I still not able to digest, the reason, how my blogging is affecting you people,because, our base teaching on different base and different field. The reason best known to your own selves.

Let us not use this divine spiritual forum for the place to score the personal feelings or sentiments. We should not indulge in harming the glory and sanctity of this great forum guru's feet com. which is allowing all types of mindsets, to express them selves through the blogs, to help the fellow seekers, who are searching their respective fields to quench their thirst.

Thus my sincere request to you people to be constructive in your own field, and post more blogs on your own subject matter, to benefit the human kind. And from now, I decided , I will post less blogs to satisfy your sentiments and feelings. If you still want to continue criticism to satisfy your fancy and whims, please carry on. I ignore it, since, I believe ignorance is the best medicine. I do not want indulge in mud slinging and harm the glory of this divine forum.

Take care, good luck.

With respect and regards

santthosh kumaar | Fri, 08/01/2008 - 02:29
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Dear santosh

Sweet santosh,

Relax, i don't think anybody meant to offend you personally although sometimes this may be a result when using this kind of faceless medium where words come out easy.

I think the issue is simply that because we also feel that this Gurusfeet platform is so precious in the fact that it is bullshit-free and still diverse, we were concerned with the extreme break of the balance of themes of content as a consequence of your religious-like fire activity and the lack of real dialog.

I think it is worthwhile to listen to the criticism, not necessarily to accept everything, but to see also other perspectives and to try to fit in into the existing dynamics and harmony of a place and people, both in reality as well as in the virtual world...

divine intervention | Fri, 08/01/2008 - 06:18
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Hi divine intervention,
sweet- very kind of you, thank you.
With respect and regards

santthosh kumaar | Fri, 08/01/2008 - 08:27
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The Self is not external

"Since it is the self, which is reveled the truth, using me as an instrument. It is not my imagination, nor that I invented some new theories. It is purely essence, which has oozed out from the deeper inquiry and reasoning, from the inner core, which is the self that is the nondual spirit."

The Self is not like some external God that speaks through people and "uses" them as instruments, it is your true Self.

Also, you would not need to say any of the above if it were true, nor to brag that you "are on your own field" and suggesting that everyone else is posting some sort of falsehood (and talking about fancy, whims, sentiments, etc), merely because a few bloggers objected to the quantity of posts. You are speaking defensively. Why?


Omkaradatta | Sat, 08/02/2008 - 05:50