Harmonics of DNA

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Being a music lover myself, I thought that I would share this piece of information from Mr. LePar’s source, The Council. Over the years they have spoken a great deal about sound, vibration, music and the makeup of our physical world. They say that everything in our physical world vibrates at its own unique frequency and since everything vibrates it creates sound. The relationship between music and our emotional states is well-known but I thought that this piece of information might be new and interesting to many.

Questioner: One more question about music. I heard a news report recently where some scientists had looked at a drawing or diagram of the components that make up DNA, and one of them had commented that it looked as if it had a rhythm to it and they started to put it to music ...

The Council: Yes, and all of a sudden you are realizing that there are harmonics involved in your being. How interesting. We told you that a long time ago.

Questioner: I must have missed that one. They put it to music. Listening to a musical interpretation of the structure of DNA or of molecules of particular items, is there any positive or negative influences to that?

The Council: Well, it can be educational. There is the potential of it being beneficial. You can become aware of the certain harmonic structures or if you wish to use the more common term, vibration. What do you think vibrations are? You see, everything has a vibration, everything has a sound. If you will go back a few years, we explained the entire development of Creation, and it is a simple matter of going back and reading over the information that was given to you back many years ago.

Middle C or what is commonly known as Middle C is a sound that is very compatible with the physical body and the soul. If you would want to, you could start tapping Middle C out on an organ or piano, and you would hear as close as possible the activity of the soul in the physical body, you would actually hear the closest possible sound to that activity or the closest possible vibration. C above Middle C will give you the same harmonic sound but more attuned to the soul. We do not suggest going to C below Middle C because that would deal basically with the more primitive aspects of the physical body. So, no big fabulous discovery. Something that has been around a long time. You can control a great deal of emotional strain and stress, thus improving the physical body simply through music.

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