Happiness Revisited

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The nature of dualistic experience is balance, which is why fulfillment is imposible. Beyond the delusions, everyone experiences both happiness and unhappiness. The person cannot find permanent happiness and there is no such thing as an experience of permanent happiness. It is a potential that is neither within the nature of the person nor experience itself.

The person has more than likely realized this by the time he sets his sights on enlightenment, but what is often not noticed is that the person cannot become enlightened, since enlightenment is the realization that there is no person. The misconception that enlightenment is personal and that it is an experience is what leads many to believe they have experienced enlightenment or that they can attain a permanent bliss mind state. These are horrendous distractions from which one may never recover.

So, what is enlightenment and why would you want it? The 'you' that you think you are does not want it, and so in that way, the entire search for enlightenment is a sham. And yet that which you truly are is moving inexhorably toward itself and conscious realization of it's own Beingness.

In this Beingness there is freedom, but it is not the freedom of a person but rather freedom FROM the person. In this Beingness there is not the linear experience of Being that can be stored in memory and so never will you be able to even recall Being, you can only BE it. In this Beingness is not the experience of dualistic happiness or bliss, but in the absence of misery and suffering which has dissolved along with your personhood in the light of Truth, there is a Joy that hs no name, which dissolves into a Peace that has no reason, both dissolving themselves into a Love that has no counterpart.

Can this be understood by mind? Even in the seeing of it, in the Being of it, mind cannot embrace it. What You are is forever a mystery, even to yourSelf.

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True Self

Phroggy, I can sort of grasp that the nature of life is non-dual... that creation is the same as perception, my thoughts are the words of others, my self is the world, subject/object are the same, I am the world and the world is me...but I also realize that this "me-world" is a constant coming and going, out-balancing and compensating, dreamlike, illusory.. a constantly changing bubble without any substance or permanence whatsoever. What I find impossible to grasp is the "ocean" in which this "bubble" floats. I realize that when "I" get out of my own way awakening happens. When this "me-bubble" bursts what is left is the ocean, stillness, emptiness. You say "that which you truly are is moving towards itself and conscious realization of it's own Beingness". Then you say "what you truly are is forever a mystery, even to yourSelf". Is what you truly are a conscious Beingness? Or will it always be a mystery? Ah well..words and concepts. But I have this vague but deep and so sweet... feeling that all is moving in the right direction, that all will be alright, actually that all IS alright just the way it is. Thank you.

mayasurfer | Sun, 08/30/2009 - 10:40
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Hi Maya. Good to see you. A

Hi Maya. Good to see you.

A conscious realization of beingness is not an answer to a riddle so much as a recognition of the foolishness of the riddler, and therefore the riddle. Imaginary questions only seem to be answered by imaginary answers. Beingness stares into the mirror where all qualities appear and all questions arise and all the delicious mystery forms, but what does any of it have to do with Beingness. Can anything be simpler or more obvious than Beingness, and how does one formulate a question about it and what characteristic or history or quality or thought or feeling could this question reveal about that within which all such things arise and fall? Mystery itself arises within your Being, but take away your mirror and what do you see? The empty Nothingness is only empty to mind, only a mystery to the imagining of mysteries.

Within this Beingness arises a thought object called Mayasurfer. If this thought object is believed to be what you are, then many other thought objects will arise in the form of questions about bubbles and oceans and what is outside or inside this thought called Mayasurfer. Clealy none of it has any relevance. If a thought object arises called 'Being', then it cannot possibly be Being, because it is just a thought. And so the 'ocean' of Being cannot be "grasped", and need not be. Can that be seen?

Phroggy | Sun, 08/30/2009 - 22:36
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well, hmmmmm....yes...take

well, hmmmmm....yes...take away the mirror what do I see? Can't even imagine, obviously no "emptiness, unconditional love, divine grace, inner peace blablablablaba". What do I see? I see a computer in front of me with "words" "I" write. How bloody ridiculous this whole thing is. What the hell does this "I" write about? Endless this and that, totally irrelevant nonsense, imagination only, who does this "I" think it is? ....and this silly concept "Mayasurfer". What a stupid name. I have given up surfing long ago and I'm giving up Maya right NOW. Finished. Thank you and good riddance. And what is left? Ahhhhhhhh, the sun shining through the window, fingers on keyboard, bum on chair,...breathing, breathing, breathing, thoughts of coffee, might make "myself" a cuppa. Ahhhhhhhhh, how wonderful. How perfect, just the way it is, so simple, so utterly simple, simpler than simple, too simple. A Tui bird is singing and spring is springing and this ridiculous "Mayasurfer" is mayasurfing. Ah well, let it be. And Phroggy is phroggying and everything is perfect the way it is. It IS. What a wonderful world!!!

mayasurfer | Sun, 08/30/2009 - 23:29
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Life without the

Life without the interpretation of life. :)

Phroggy | Mon, 08/31/2009 - 20:29