The Hallucination called Realization

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The Hallucination called Realization:

Outside there is only TWO: 1: ordinary evil and then 2: unimaginable-evil.
This unimaginable-EVIL is AUTHORITY that always appears to be all that is “good,” outside.
What appears “good” outside is ALWAYS this unimaginable-evil that must incessantly feed us limitless amounts of ordinary evil so its “reality” can appear real.

Awakening is a “realization” that ALL Authority -- religion, and especially science...
indeed even GOD himself,
is this unimaginable-EVIL
... because if there is any real good outside
then it would be ONE with the Heaven-Inside.

There are two parts to Awakening.
1: Finding and accepting this Heaven-Inside, and then
2: waiting maybe decades for it to vanish AUTHORITY into what it is, Deception, a CON, Fiction, nothing but a hallucination.
“I have one promise:

“Meditate -- with NO motive or objective --
and this Heaven-Inside will not only reveal itself
but with time it will vanish ALL Authority with all its rules, regulations and rhetoric
into what it is: FICTION,
the FICTION that reveals that reality is nothing more than a mere Hallucination.”

Sri Sri Sri Shivabalayogi Maharaj