on gurus and their genuine ness

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Now-a-days much is talked about the genuineness of a guru.Talking about guru and passing comments on him is also very old.Now the volume is very much intensified because the spirituality entered electronic media.People started marketing spirituality.So all this hue and cry.A day may come who knows we may have to see t.v.adds also describing guru.When the spiritual frequency of a disciple coincides with that of a guru ,both will meet and sadhana takes place.If you got a great guru praise his greatness but donot criticise others.Your search for a guru is pre destined.Your samskaras of earlier birth will decide as to whose fold you have to enter.
There is no marketing manthra to attract disciples in hundreds and thousands to such and such guru.

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Re: on gurus and their genuineness

The search also depends on the truth contained by the seeker or follower.
One is free to follow whom one likes. Nobody can object to this.
Unless there is a strong criticism how will one's faith to a Guru is tested or proved?
The wise accept it as a test to prove their and their Guru's genuineness.
Everything happens by the grace of God. Censure, praise, all are parts of a worldly game.
If one's Guru is truthful and wise these criticism and praise do not affect him or his disciples and followers is the opinion of the wise.

Nathyogi | Fri, 09/05/2014 - 05:30