The Guru Who Lives in Me

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The results of our deceptions it's a picture frame of what we are avoiding to see in ourselves for years, and as a result to see to see the us which is much better then what the EGO created so it causes us to be defensive and self defensive by making more external excuses for our created obstacles and reactions or self defeated to what we can only see in others what we refuse to see in ourselves created again self destructions and negative judgments of who we not really are! When our EGO acts in a protective mode or some say survival mode by excluding ourselves or by allowing our mind to elaborate a workable excuse of reasoning with what does not exist, it is nonetheless a lunatic act! Because EGO is psychotic, lunatic, unreasonable, because it is acting in reasoning with what does not exist. It waist time, energy and effort in something that is unreal, it is an illusion! It prevents the real us to be still! When the not real us come to a dialogue from a place of critic and from a place of self defensiveness also excusable mechanism, it is not the real us who is talking it is the EGO! If we are a perfect image of each-other and reflect all our emotions then what we seeing in each-other is what we can't in our own selfs and that's where the conflicts lives! Once we accept that we are who we are consciously without the external need of fulfillment by knowing that we are loving, caring, intelligent, kind and resource-able then we are dealing with reality and allowing only good! We are source of energy with two polarities and if we see, feel and allow positivity we will attract positivity, but if you see, feel, and allow negativity we will attract negativity! The more we spread to others around us our imaginary problems we ourselves created with an intent to reason with it, the more space and time EGO has to sprout and manipulate our minds!