The guru wants your independence

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I recently caught a chest cold (my throat is sore and I can't talk well), and was going to attend my girlfriend's high school reunion with her tomorrow. She has a "caregiver" who comes to help her with stuff (she's diabetic and her legs aren't working right), and apparently this caregiver told her that she shouldn't be around me, as she could catch the cold. Her father also told her this, and so she wants to go with another friend instead.

Nobody wants this woman's independence, wants her to make her own decisions, although everyone talks a good game. Her caregiver's income depends on her dependency, and her father's co-dependency depends on it as well. Everybody is playing a game, pretending that she's more 'needy' than she really is, including her.

This strikes me as a paradigm or microcosm for 'everyday life'. Nobody wants your independence. Hospitals do not, politicians do not, advertisers do not, therapists do not (that's how they get paid), your closest friends and relatives do not, society as a whole does not. They all depend on your dependence, emotionally or financially.

Only the Guru wants your independence, because he himself is independent.

Nisargadatta: "I am independent so simply and totally, that your mind, accustomed to opposition and denial, cannot grasp it."

He wants you to turn to your Self, first in mind, then in spirit. He wants to free you. Only, everybody is resisting freedom. Nobody really wants it. Everyone talks a good game, but not a single soul is interested.

All you can do is look into it, *get* interested. Nisargadatta said "We are the creators and creatures of each other, causing and bearing each other's burdens", and that is true. He also said "Stop your routine of acquisitiveness, your habit of looking for results and the freedom of the universe is yours." (I Am That).

Your body cannot really be independent, but your mind can be. You can become Self-reliant, Self-sufficient, and eventually realize the Self. You have to stop relying on others before 'no me' becomes evident. It cannot happen as long as you are dependent on others for happiness. You have to let them go (psychologically speaking) and stand up.

You are a reflection of all the other people in your life, past and present. Your "self image" is made of their judgments, their attitudes, their (perceived) perceptions. You 'belong to' them, your Being is divested, spread out among all these people. To realize the Self, you have to recollect it. It's the only way.