Guru Vakyam, part 2 (words of Guruji Shri Shriyogeshvaraji)

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* Perform your duties without any expectations. Perform your action without any expectation for a reward. Trust Maa and Bhagavan. If you will surrender them completely, let them carve your life. Some times hard circumstances act like a chisel on a rock, bringing out the beautiful Murti already hidden inside you. Aum Namah Shivaaya. Jay Shiv Shakti.

* Gods has given us capability to overcome all kinds of odds. God does help us, but only when we do our part of action right.

* Detachment or working without expectations in our day to day life will help a lot. The fundamental cause for all kind of distresses is our expectations. With expectations we bind our ego. This worsens the condition. With help of a Guru one can learn to live life without any expectation or at least with minimum expectation.

* Man and woman together in absolute harmony make a complete entity.

* Nothing is clinging up on you, you can live life like a Sadhu. All you have to leave is desire and attachment, see your duties from right perspective, and you will realize what is the life of a real Sadhu.

* Like the Sun The Ultimate Truth Shines For All.

* Your Thoughts can be His Messages if your Devotion and Dedication are Complete.

* A writer creates a world of imagination, the reader travels through this world and enjoys the journey. This is a wonderful thing for fiction and entertainment. But such play of words is dangerous in spiritualism, because it leads nowhere.

* A Guru who can not laugh can not teach you about BrahmaN
because he is far from the Nitya Anananda Svarupa BrhamaN.

* A religious person can not escape from her/his liabilities. Spiritualism can be balanced with material life.

* Dharma teaches to live life in it's natural way. Anything that breaks the harmony and generates torture can not be Dharmik, Religious.

* "Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam" - the whole world is one family. All are children of Maa Aadi Shakti and Para BrahM Shri Shivji.

by Guruji Shri Shriyogeshvaraji