Guru Purnima

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Again and again I offer my heartly pranams to Pujyapad Shri Guruji, Pujyapad Shri Gurumaaji and Pujyapad Shri Baаl Guruji! I offer my pranams to Bhagavan Shivji and Bhagavati Aadi Shakti who brought me under shelter of this Divine Family. I apologize for every sin, insult and mistake which I do knowingly or unknowingly. I can tell one thing: I am very happy to have You all in my life. You three are united: Pujyapad Shri Gurumaaji is Divine Shakti of Pujuapad Shri Guruji. Chiranjivi Shri Pranshuji is the heir of Their Divine Powers and Knowledge. They are The One! Jay Shri Guru Parivar!