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suggest me a enlightend person,with whom i can meet and talk.i need his guidence.

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If really there's any such kind of divine guide preasent in this world, Such person has the ablity to guide you, meet you, talk you, anything etc.. simply just by closing eyes. It doesn't matter any distance for such person weather you are in front of that person, or either you are anywhere else in this world.

Thus the real question is: Leaving your family and this whole illusionery world which you see all around you, are you wholeheartedly thirsty for going back to your "Real home" (Means Heaven)? And that because such divine guide has no intrest in any other subject other than Libration/Moksha.

In reality delay is from your side.. :)


jasdir singh jaura | Sat, 05/26/2012 - 10:36