Guru's Lotus Feet!

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Rama Rao Das asked,
“Who is secure in heaven?
Who is secure after controlling the eleven?
Who is secure even after conquering the seven?
Who is secure even after the mind becomes even?
Who is secure even after truth is perfectly proven?
Who is secure even after to one’s will God is driven?
Who is secure even after reaching Heaven?
Oh! Perfect Beings, please tell me about the haven
Where one is perfectly secure even after reaching Heaven?”

Perfect Beings said in chorus,
“Oh! Our scion, Guru’s lotus feet are Our haven,
Only by God’s will, there one can be driven,
Verily, when one’s sins are perfectly forgiven.
Truly, by the Guru’s grace, there a little place is given.
This is repeatedly proven, proven and proven.”

Note: Perfect Beings = Siddhas

*** Salutations to the shoes of Guru Siddha Nath ***