Guided Meditation

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"Let yourself relax
into this moment.

Give up trying to make
this moment
any different than it is.

Simply close your eyes
and feel with sensation
what is here.

Allow yourself
to feel existence happening
without thinking about it.

We're not here to change
or transcend anything.

Just to feel
life itself.

To experience what is here
beyond the thinking.

Any attempt to define it
or describe it
or judge it
separates you from what is here.

Give all of it up.
Give yourself completely
to what is here.

Allow thoughts to arise
if they arise,
allow whatever arises
to arise,
and then instantly let it go.

So that you are never
holding anything.
So that you are never
attached to anything.

Let it go
and rest in what is left.

Let any sense of you
dissolve in what is left.

Relax into it
and relax into it
until there is nothing
left to relax.

Until this moment
opens up
into infinity.



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