The Growth & Origin Of Yoga - 3

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We come across a number of swamis exhibiting gimmicks for their livelihood. Generally, such people scale no spiritual heights, but get on as god men with their miracles. They pose an incarnation of some god or goddess. No Yogi of high esteem ever craves for publicity. There are beautiful words like Self-realization, God realization, Trance state, and ecstacy. It is highly difficult for an ordinary person to have enough experience of those states. Even great Yogis rarely experience those states. But, they continue to live in solitude, hoping to get those experiences again and again. To the western brain, the mind of a Yogi looks like a problem in Algebra. In reality it is Geometry. The Western mind demands rationality, wants proof or at least a scientific approach. But these spiritual experiences do not stand a test. They are feelings. One should feel and enjoy the subtle spiritual experiences. The exact proof will be peace of mind, change in outlook, total divine touch in personality.

The hang over in trance is something brilliant and superb. Nobody can explain it. Only those who experience it will feel that fulfillment that pleasure and perfection. Proper understanding is necessary. People who got that integral mind can progress well in spiritual highway. Generally they lessen their interest in worldly affairs. They do enjoy pleasures of life and the richness of the world with some detachment. Their interests are limited or rather come to the minimum. They do not like to enmass riches. They feel happy with what they rightly possess. That kind of balanced state of mind is enough for Yoga. It is fifty fifty affair. Half worldly, half spiritual. That kind of sadhana, definitely leads man to perfection and Self-realization.

Of all Yoga’s, the most suitable one is Raja Yoga. It demands balance of mind, spiritual culture and proper understanding in the start. Taraka Raja Yoga is higher than Raja Yoga. It has similarities with Sankhya, which is a state beyond all perfection, which happens on its own accord when we pass all the stages. In a lifetime, a Yogi can attain perfection, no doubt.

There are many systems in Yoga. No system of Yoga is bad and no system is harmful. Every system has its merits and benefits. The good and bad depends according to the determination of a Sadhaka or aspirant. It much more depends on the seriousness of his practice. The most important thing is getting proper guidance. All Sadhaka do not obtain the same grade. Human beings are divided into twelve categories according to their birth in the twelve signs in the horoscope of the twelve Rasis (signs). Every one has a chance to prosper, according to the influence of other planets, benefic or malefic. Raja Yogas are twelve in number. Only one system suits one person, not all. When the Yogi reaches Taraka state he can understand the truth.

There is nothing to fear or feel shy of any Raja Yoga. The practice of any system of Yoga purifies heart, gives control over the mind. Much more, man changes beyond expectation. There will be a sticking improvement in personality, the emotions come under control, and feelings smoothen. Even if you don’t know the technic of Yoga you feel the pleasure, you feel the upliftment and can realize yourself. It causes inner purity. That is a natural process.

Experts in Yoga experience their soul uniting with the supreme Paramatma. The so called Paramatma is not so far off. It is within the reach of every Sadhaka. What is needed is culture, determination to practice Yoga. The natural transformation helps a lot. So much so, the soul and the psychie are not different from or distant from each other. The soul resides in the Physical body, unrecognized, incognizant. It is our mind that divides both. When we take control over the mind, the physical body becomes unconscious. Then only we feel Atma in Trance state. As we progress to higher consciousness we live in Yoga. That is nothingness the real yogic state.

People have immense liking for Hatha Yoga. The physical exercises and the breathing exercises attract common folk. To some extent these exercises help physical fitness. Really they don’t indicate any progress spiritually. Some others prefer Bhakthi, utter faith in god. The faith of man is generally linked with religion. Faith is essential in religion. In Vaishnavism Bhakthi occupies the foremost place. Love is the prime factor of Bhakthi.
Krishna’s love for Shepard women and the Gopikas love for Sri Krishna entered the realm of Yoga in disguise of Bhakthi. But Sri Krishna’s Karma Yoga had a different setting.

In conclusion, Raja Yoga endows control over our senses, control over our minds. This simple practice of Raja Yoga, even if it is practiced independently will certainly yield wonderful results. One will feel the pleasure of Yoga and Trance.