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In this next to last posting on prayer, William LePar’s spiritual source, The Council discusses group prayer.

Questioner: When people pray as a group, does that group create a stronger entity?

The Council: Let us put it in these terms, generally, generally, it is only as strong as its weakest participant. Yet, again, that weakest participant may be there in that group as a vehicle for the others to learn. Does that answer the question?

Questioner: Yes, thank you.

The Council: One should never exclude a weak prayer person from a group. That group may be losing its greatest opportunity.

Questioner: How can the group learn from the individual? I can see how the individual can learn from the group. I don't see the reverse.

The Council: In just one aspect it may be a great lesson in discipline for that group. Discipline in the aspect of exercising more prayer or a continuation of prayer. It also may be a learning vehicle for that group to realize that just because that individual is not capable of the same quality they should not be excluded. This would tend to give the others an opportunity to become involved with their own personal egotism or self-worth or value. Do you understand?

Questioner: Yes.

The Council: And possibly it might do the group good to pray for that individual to be able to gain greater strength in their prayer habits and prayer abilities. Does that answer the question?

Questioner: Yes, thank you.

The Council: Very well.

Questioner: If there is a group of people that is praying for a specific thing and it is like a chain and someone honestly forgets, would that break the chain at all? If it wasn't their intention to forget?

The Council: Well, there could be many factors that come into play, but if it were truly simply a matter of forgetting, and such situations can come into existence, then it does not really break the chain, but the one who forgets then must answer to themselves very honestly whether it was simply an accident.

Questioner: Is there such a thing as making up for forgetting a prayer?

The Council: Oh well, the human form and the human consciousness is all too often guilty of rationalization. Does that answer your question?

Questioner: No, not really.

The Council: Think about it. It does.

Questioner: Talking about group prayer, in the Scriptures there is that part that says that if two or more are joined together and agree on touching something, then it will be done. Something to that effect. This leads one to believe that perhaps group prayer somehow is stronger than if all the individuals were praying for the same thing separately. Is there any particular power to group prayer that adds something more than what each individual adds?

The Council: As we said, group prayer is only as strong as its weakest prayer person. What it does do that individual prayer does not is that it helps to fortify all the individuals involved on a conscious level, thus it has a bearing on the inner awareness or the inner levels of that individual giving themselves, shall we say, more confidence as a part of the whole or as them being part of the whole. The burden of responsibility does not fall solely on one individual, but all will then share equally in the success or failure. Now, that is speaking from the aspect of the individuals in a group prayer situation. Do you understand?

Questioner: Yes.

The Council: When one is no longer worried about the failure or their inability, then the full potential of that individual's soul then can be released. It is based on their strength of faith in what they are doing. So as part of a whole group then they have less fear of personal failure. If the prayer does not come about, they can always say in their minds, "Well, I did my share. It must have been somebody else." So when the responsibility of failure then is removed, they can more freely open themselves up. Do you understand?

Questioner: Yes, I see.

The Council: So in a sense for some individuals group prayer is very good.

Questioner: Thank you.

The Council: None of you should avoid becoming part of any prayer group. It is always beneficial to all those concerned. It also shows that you realize that it is not your abilities alone that are responsible for the answering of prayer. So you acknowledge your proper place in a prayer situation. So such things are good for all concerned.

Next week: In the last of the ten part series on prayer, The Council sums up the series with some inspirational thoughts.

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