From the Great Work-Part 2

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Gobetga e gwaglatga dic sizxa od aderimac,
da cake otoke siz ezagutecna xa inter narodac,
inter emberac dsuagi ze glob da e inec.
Siz Vidnas cakec, e dac slivec sizim cakec.

Gather and separate yourselves from the crowds,
this is how you will be known among the nations,
among the diverse peoples of this globe and others.
You are the Vidnas, and these are your laws.

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Can you elaborate on that?

Can you elaborate on that? what language is it? what are the vidnas and why to be known among the nations in the first place?

tiru | Mon, 04/26/2010 - 08:57
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The language is Breyan Vidnasi, a language which is designed for prayer and meditation. The Vidnas are people who live their lives according to the principles of the Byen Vidnasi which are outlined in the Great Work. Why should they be known among nations? Because if they lived out these principles, they will be able bring peace to the world, and ensure the survival of the human race through the colonization of space.

byenvidnasi1 | Tue, 04/27/2010 - 09:18