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I stand in the Great Great Silence,
The Heart of the Central Sun,
Absorbed in the Light of My Pres'nce,
At last with It's Love all ONE.

I feel such a Great Calm Power,
A Stillness no words can tell,
A Peace from the Heart of Cre'tion,
And I know that all is well!

I pray for earth's blessed children
And Freedom I ask for all,
I pour forth the Love of My Pres'nce
To answer their every call,

I rest in this Great Light Temple
In Life's true Silence Supreme,
"I AM"! Its Almighty Splendor
The fulness of Love's Own Stream.

Light's Presence so all-pervading
O'erwhelms me with Love's Delight,
The Pow'r and Peace of Its Being
Are mine in this far far Height.

Oh great is my joy this moment,
Triumphant at last I stand!
At ONE with My Source all silent-
It's Glory no one may ban.

Oh, feel with me this Great Power
Of Light from the Heart of All!
The Throne-room of each one's Being
Love's Answer to each heart-call.

Here! Here! in the Great Calm Silence,
Forever My Presence bright
Parts Its Own Curtain of Glory
And "I AM"! Its Dazzling Light!

I stand in the Great Great Silence,
Hold Thy Hand, Oh God of Light!
Thyself for ever abbiding,
Enfolds me with Thine Own Might.

Great Source of this Mighty Silence,
The Cause of the Great Great Blue!
Pour through me to all earth's children
Thy Love-make them feel It too!

I stand in the Great Great Silence
Alone and feel all Its Might,
I know at last through My Presence,
"I AM"! the Master of Light!

The Peace of this Great Great Silence
Spreads o'er me Its Magic Spell
Absorbed in Its pure deep Stillness
Life's Story I hear It tell.

"I AM"! sings the Great Great Silence
All Beings of Light above!
"I AM!" breathes each breath within me-
The Voice and Power of Love.

Come now! with me on this journey,
In Vict'ry Supreme and true;
Abide in the Great Great Silence
And feel the "I AM" come thru.

"I AM"! in the Great Great Silence!
"I AM"! Its Power and Peace!
"I AM"! Its Might and Its Glory!
"I AM"! and all else shall cease!


I stand in the Great Great Silence
Alone in Its Stillness bright,
Filled with Its Peace and Its Power
In the Arms of Cosmic Light,

Oh, feel with me this Great Glory!
See Its Perfection for all!
From the Sun's own Heart and Silence,
To earth in Love comes my call.

Oh, come to me, my beloved!
Blessed ones, I love so dear;
Live in Light's Palace of Glory,
Enjoy the Great Beauty here!

The Heart of this Great Great Silence,
In Love's true Temple of Light,
So come! my worshiping brave ones,
Be clothed with Vict'ry and Might!

Oh feel with me this Great Silence!
Live in It each hour, each day;
Call now, your own "I AM Presence"
To bring you on Love's own Ray.

Come! fly! to me, precious children,
On wings of the summer morn;
Or come like a srtong swift arrow-
On Love's Great Lightning be borne!

I call! do you hear, beloved?
Will you come to this Great Height?
Oh! Precious Ones of the Presence,
It is the Home-the "I AM" Its Light!

Softly a call in this Silence
Sounds in my Dwelling above;
My precious ones on earth's planet
Have heard and answered my Love.

I return! my heart o'erflowing!
In rapture, I bring Thy Light
To hold ALL! clost to their Presence-
"I AM" -It's Glory and Might,

They too, then stand in the Silence
Each moment, each blessed day;
Great is Its Glory and Freedom!
True is Its Vict'ry and Way!

The Voice of the "I AM Presence"
Its Love's own Glory and Height;
Dwell in Its "Temple of Silence"!
Clothed now in Garments of Light!

Oh stand! in the Great Great Silence,
In Its Own Pure Dazzling Light!
Alone in the Heart of your Pres'nce
And feel Its Power and Might.

Oh, stand! in this Great Great Silence
And feel It all through and through;
Rest in Its Great Gleaming Whiteness
Know Life's full Blessings come true!

The Love in this Great Great Silence
Is so deep no words can tell;
I feel Its full True Power,
Its Joy sings clear as a bell.

Oh, Great is my Peace in this hour,
So deep that It thrills me too!
I live in the Heart of My Presence,
And send Its Light Rays to you.


"I AM" in the Great Great Silence,
In the Heart of Life- the Sun!
"I AM" sealed in Love Eternal,
My Vict'ry forever won.

"I AM" in the Great Great Silence
Full blazing Glory and Light;
"I AM" all Its Magic Splendor,
I know all Its Pow'r-Its Might!

"I AM" in the Great Great Silence
Its Pres'nce forever more!
"I AM" in Its Heart so dazzling,
Its own Great Light Rays, I pour.

"I AM" in the Great Great Silence
Held close in Its Unfed Flame;
"I AM" all Its Wisdom and Pow'r,
From Its Sun of Light all came,

"I AM" in the Great Great Silence
And seal'd so close in Its Heart-
"I AM" the Great Cosmic Flame Breath
Of Its Fire, "I AM" a part.

"I AM" in the Great Great Silence
In Light I ever abide;
"I AM" all Its Peace Eternal,
No matter whate'er betide.

"I AM" in the Great Great Silence
In all Its Power I move;
"I AM" Its Mighty Dominion
And know just the Pres'nce of Love.

"I AM" in the Great Great Silence
And Its Vict'ry over all,
"I AM" ascended! triumphant!
To each one in Love, I call.

"I AM" in the Great Great Silence
Wrapped in my Mantle of Light,
The Unfed Flame now within me
Sends forth Its Ray-Its full Might.

"I AM" in the Great Great Silence
Its Love holds each world in space,
And Light with Its Glory around me
Speeds me with Infinite Grace.

I sing in this Great Great Silence
Life's song with Its Joy to thee;
Light in the echoing stillness,
Reveals a new melody.

On, on in Its ceaseless Splendor
Flows Light from the Central Sun,
Flooding forth to all creation
Its Freedom to bless each one,

Straight at the Altar of Being!
I stand in my own Love's Light,
Face to face with my "I AM Pres'nce"
Its Fulness! Its Glory! Its Might!

"I AM" then this Great Great Silence!
"I AM" Its Pres'nce all free!
"I AM" the Life in each Being!
"I AM" Master! Love! Light! Thee!"

-from the intro to the book 'Ascended Master Light'.