The Great Escape

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WE have seen lot of posts underlining the importance of acceptance or awareness but to me the central feature of our psyche is that we do not meet "what is" head long but try all sorts of tricks up our sleeve to escape from what is especially from our fears & sorrow.

Whenever we encounter any unpleasant feeling our natural reaction is to escape from it. As far as the body is concerned such a reaction may be necessary for survival. For example when the hand touches a hot object or a thorn pricks, the reaction of the body is a design of intelligence necessary for survival. Why do we apply the same model to psychological hurts. This only compounds the problem and we cannot deal with what is. The whole of subconscious and the myths associated with it are to a large part a result of such an escape mechanism.

The very process of intellectualism (even non-dual concept) is a process of escape. Why do we hold so many belief and theories. Surly if we are going to accept or observe what is then all these have no place including the theory of "Acceptance".

That is why Jesus said that until we become like children its difficult to get entry into haven.