The Great Aloneness

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The great aloneness

She leaned into the lean to
To shelter from the storm
The lean to collapsed
And along with it...she

Hail... storm... and calm

The concepts go back and forth
One shows up the fabricated illusion
The other brings you right back into it
The mind toys with itself in an endless loop

Pure consciousness.....God...source....??
The field beyond right and wrong...?
Well ya know
The lure of Rumi
Putting the bait out in plain sight

Appeals to a lot of folks
I know it did to me at a point
The promise of something beyond

Jeez.....makes me cry now
Like a wolf. ..howling at the moon

Life simply is

It does itself

And the questioner quelled
No whys nor hows
No whens

The fragrance of a wild
Country rose
Wafts all around

Even as it blooms
And dies
And the petals fall all around
After the rains

The new buds are already waiting in the wings

And the song plays on....

This great aloneness

It is gut wrenchingly beautiful