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I recently went to the Agape International Center in Culver City, California. The director is Dr. Michael Beckwith, who you may recognize from the film The Secret. I was blessed to have chosen (inadvertently) the Wednesday evening service that includes a healing 15 minute meditation, an appearance by the International Choir and Dr. Beckwith speaking.

The topic was "Set backs". You know, when you feel something has gone "wrong" in your life and you have been set back.

What if you change your mind, change your perspective, change your attitude and look at this as a "SET UP"? Moving you towards your greater good. Bringing you closer to success and that which you truly desire? That which uses your gifts and talents for the highest and best good and the perfect outcome.

I know I look back at my wonderful life and all the "SET BACKS" I thought were happening in my life were definitely "SET UPS" to wonderful things happening in my life.

Without those "SET UPS" I would not be where I am today enjoying, perfect relationships, financial growth, meaningful creative expression, vibrant health and fulfilling work.

Change your thinking and let go of what you call a "SET BACK", turn it into the greatest "SET UP" of your life.

That all sounds like a pretty darn good "SET UP" to me!

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I think that the genuine way

I think that the genuine way to handle a set back is to accept it as such and not try to fool yourself with an artificial ideology that it has some advantages as a set up (sometimes it indeed may be so but that is not the point). Accepting the bad as we accept the good, stops the suffering , we realize firsthand when we do it that it is not the bad the causes our suffering but the resistance to the bad. To trick the mind with positive thinking never lasts long as we all know.

I would also be careful and suspicion with anyone associated with The Secret. See the comments in,

santana | Sat, 06/16/2012 - 07:56
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thank you for your

thank you for your comment.

I do not believe in "bad" and "good". These are just perceptions. Has something you thought was "bad" happened to you and then in a while where it took you was a really good place to a really good outcome? I am sure it has, if you are open to seeing it. If we label things as set backs and we set our minds to that then that is what we will get. We produce in our lives what we think about. If you think you can't do something then you are right, if you think you can, then you are also right. If we change our thoughts and stop allowing negative ego to lead us, we see marvelous things happen in our lives.

I am not just talking about positive thinking, I am talking about believing in the positive. Looking at life as a gift and not a curse. Looking at Spirit as all loving and not an entity that is playing dice with Its creation.

I believe until you experience something for yourself, you cannot judge. Dr. Beckwith is nothing about get rich quick. He is about letting Spirit into your life and knowing Spirit is ALL GOOD. We have choice and volition and make our own decisions. Everything in your life has occurred because of some decision or choice you have made.

If you are negative all the time or judgmental, it will show up in the relationships you attract and your health wealth, etc. No doubt about it. That is not some positive psycho-babble, that is scientifically proven.

Accepting everything as good stops the suffering. Accepting that your perception of bad is keeping you in the place you are and that if you change your thinking it may actually be leading you to the best good in your life, stops suffering. Wallowing in victimhood and self-pity perpetuates it.

Thanks so much for your comments.

Blessings to you!


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satsiri | Sat, 06/16/2012 - 14:58