“Good” Karma – “Bad” Karma

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Often we hear others say or we, ourselves say, “this is good Karma” or “you have a really bad Karma”. “it’s your Karmic baggage..”, etc.
One of the main principles which governs our life is “for every action, follows a reaction”….the principle of Karma, if you prefer. Is it possible to change our Karma? First, we have to know that the term Karma finds its verbal roots in the term kr and it means “doing”, “acting”, or “causing” something. Among “westerners”, this concept is deeply related to our personal and global destiny. And, we can affirm without doubt that there is nothing in a human being that cannot be changed. Nothing!
Often, we perceive things and events as if they cannot be changed, but this is not a “bad Karma” as we are used to saying…Karma is neither good nor bad. It is that we lack in motivation (which we ordinarily label as “will”) to perform a real change in a specific situation. That’s all!
As an example, there are many persons who have the habit to drink, and often this behavior brings them sickness. They lose their physical and mental health. They could stop this behavior, but they don’t. Is it their destiny? No, of course not! It is “only” passive mechanical behaviors and lack of determination.
There are, of course, many situations and conditions which a human being can’t face alone – a very painful experience. And he/she requires external help, because they keep within, the baggage of suffering of many years, and this is of value in any aspect of life.
However, there is not a situation which cannot be modified. There is no emotional disease or suffering that can’t be relieved, nor “absurd” destiny that cannot be changed. It depends on us, by our “good will”. We need motivation to change something, and we also need to learn and understand how to perform such change.
To do this, we often need an external reference, a sort of external assistance. In ancient times, these references were seen in the figure of spiritual teachers. But today, situations and needs have changed…so everyone must understand what he needs, according to his personal needs and sensibilities. Yes, performing such work alone is very, very difficult, and if we have an external reference, it is better. Alone, it is also possible. It depends on ourselves and our motivations.