A golden moment in my spiritual journey to Devipuram

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A strange development has happened,after coming back to delhi from my village in Bihar after attending the Mundan ceremony of my Grand Son,i was watching your video on yutube,after the video completed,i have seen the video of DEVIPURAM in which i have seen the yoni pujan of kamakhya,this temple i was looking for last one year.following is the text i have sent to the temple head;

Guru jee,i am a shakti upasak,taken Guru Mantra Diksha from Tarni Prabhu of kamroop kamakhya shakti peeth,visiting this peeth from last 21 years,in 2007 i stayed there for 43 days continuously ,which was a miracle because the energy of that peeth (Tantra Peeth) is so strong that after 10 days it effects your mental balance,but with the blessings of mother i was fully charged up,my Guru jee has declared that this is my last birth you will get moksha. i have taken the vedic diksha not Tantra diksha.Furher i have taken the srividya sadhna from guru jee shiv premanand ,as per Tamil Siddha THIRUMULAR JEE,Practising it

since last one year.last year somebody has posted the photo of kamakhya's devi yoni puja of your temple,written that this photograph is from kamakhya shakti peeth,i have asked every body in kamakhya,but nobody was confirming it.Today i was looking at srividya on youtube,all of a sudden i have seen DEVIPURAM temple,i think now maa is calling me,need your blessings,want to stay there for 21days,looking for some financial help from my followers.

Dear friends,

I have came back after a great spiritual journey of my life,you can say the golden moments in the life a kamakhya sadhak,I have written a letter to my srividya diksha guru shiv premanand jee

Dhanyavad Guru jee,i think this miracle has happened ,with blessings of siddhar Thirumlar jee,because in kamakhya tantra this is the top most vidya to do bhairvi sadhna & become Anand BHAIRAV Yourself.i have not asked for it because I am not qualified for kaulachar vidya,but in last 10 years in I am the second person in Devipuram, who has been instructed by Guru Amritanand,that this is the wish of Maa KAMAKHYA

I am blessing a srividya sadhika Hanna from Germany,who came down to DEVIPURAM TO LEARN THE VIDYA