Going non-dualism

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I don't know, who i am, 
Neither an imam in the mosque, nor the follower of rubbish vogue,
Neither indulge in sacredness concept, nor am musa or a pharaoh resultant.
Neither readed any ved puran, nor do i take hemp and wine magnums,
Neither am any crazy drunkard, nor do i awake or in sleeping meander.
Neither married or a celibate, nor am clean or a filthy mire.
Water, fire or a earth, nor from air is my birth.
Neither american or an australian, nor russian or a mongolian.
India, china or japan, nor do i live in afganistan.
Neither searched any religious secret, nor am the family of adam or eve,
Neither do any name i assume, nor in the stillness or am in move.
Well.. am the beganing am the end, all i ignore, as am wisest all of them.
Who is standing there ? I don't know, who i am.