Going Beyond Yourself in Meditation

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"In the ebb and flow of life,
there will always be situations
that push you far beyond
what you believe you are capable
of accepting.

You get the feeling
'I can't take it anymore'
as though you have come
to the edge of a cliff
and can't be pushed any further.

If you can surrender
to such situations.
If you can allow yourself
to be fully present,
to fully allow what
you believe that you cannot take
then you move beyond yourself.

You move beyond this false
identity that separates you from life itself.

Your whole definition
of who you think you are
and what you can take
suddenly collapses

and for however long
you live without definitions,
without boundaries.

And all that really is left is attention.

Attention that is so powerful
that it radiates through your body
like a flood light.

It is blissful
yet the intensity
of it pushes you far
beyond yourself
where there is nothing
to hold on to.

Over time,
the intensity disappears
and the ego identity returns.

You re-define yourself according
to the new situations.

But there is more freedom there.
You feel less separate from life itself.

Because it is this identity,
this action of identifying
with an idea that
you are a person
with certain likes and dislikes,
that separates you from life.

Not the likes or dislikes themselves,
not the personality nor the emotions
but the identification itself
that separates you from life.

And so life is always banging away
at this identity.

Because in poking holes
in the identity,
it takes you closer to what you are,
to your natural existence
as conscious bliss and love.

Where there is no separation
between you and life itself.

Where existing itself
is fulfillment.

It is what you naturally crave
at the deepest core of your being
yet it is what you fear the most
as an ego.

And so the only thing
you can really do is surrender;
to allow and immerse yourself
in what is truly here in this moment.

Not what you think is here,
not what you believe should be here
but what is beyond the thinking.

What can only be felt
when you let go of
the very idea of yourself.



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Define "yourself" and why to

Define "yourself"

and why to go beyond it?

suzi | Thu, 04/15/2010 - 06:01