Going Beyond the "Me" in Meditation

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"A large part of meditation
and spiritual practice
is about turning your attention away
from being involved with the personal self
and back towards the essence of what you are.

Most people's attention is completely
involved with the personal 'me' experience.
My thoughts, my beliefs, my desires,
my fears, my hurts, my worries.

And so by being completely involved
with this me and all of it's personal thoughts,
one cannot see beyond it
to experience one's true nature of peace.

Even in entering meditation
many people subtly make it
about the 'me' experience
and therefore separate themselves
from meditation.

They look to have
a certain experience or attainment.
They want to stop thinking,
they want to enter witness consciousness,
they want to feel bliss or peace.

By putting the idea
of how you think meditation should be
on top of this moment,
you separate yourself
from what is naturally here.

So there are many meditation techniques
that give the mind something to focus on
and awakens attention to what is beyond
this sense of personal self.

For instance,
if you are silently repeating 'I am'
and letting your attention rest on the feeling
of simply being,
then this frees your attention
from being fixated on personal thoughts and feelings
into what you are beyond that.

Or by putting your attention on a Guru,
or the feeling of Shakti,
or repeating a mantra,
without looking to get certain results from it
then again this awakens you beyond your personal self
into oneness.

But as you get more subtle,
you simply learn to get out of the way
and allow meditation to happen.

Through allowing the personal self
to be exactly as it is,
allowing all thoughts and feelings
to naturally rise and fall as they do
without involvement,
your attention will naturally relax into
the quiet depths of pure consciousness.

In this way you can transcend the small self.

And once you begin to taste the bliss of your true nature,
your attention will naturally want to take refuge in that
instead of getting involved with the stress and drama
of the personal self.

Much love,


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