the godhead VISHNU

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Vishnu is the Hindu Godhead – the god of all gods.

Physics points to the idea of a Godhead with its antiparticles.

In physics no particle can come into reality without a twin, antiparticle, entering into reality at the same time. When the twins, particle-antiparticle, meet again they vanish into where they appeared to come from, Now.

The Universe thus must have a Twin, an equal anti-universe, that must be missing otherwise universe and anti-universe would combine to vanish in Now, Self.

The concept of Twins is universal, not only in physics and cosmology
but gods, gurus and indeed all beings, be they spirit or the spirits deceived by the energy-veil, Evil, of matter.

Just like the Universe is missing its Twin, anti-universe,
so too most of the beings in this Universe are missing their Twins – or they fail to realize their Twin.
Male and female are twins – but words, thoughts and social taboos prevents them from realizing what they are – like two poles of a magnet make one magnet: so too the two genders make one.

When all the forces of the Universe bring Twins together
they literally explode into an unimaginable significance that needs the Hindu God Vishnu to explain.

Vishnu is the metaphorical god-head of all gods.
Just like with particle and its twin antiparticle: When Vishnu takes on a role – he/it manifests as TWO: the same time Vishnu manifests as a god his counterpart Lakshmi manifests as his TWIN.

VISHNU thus also manifested itself as Krishna with his twin: Radha. Krishna with his twin Radha were VISHNU.
Krishna without Radha would have been just a lost god. So Too, without Krishna Radha would have been lost.
VISHNU also manifested as the twins: Christ and his most beloved one: Mary Magdalene.

VISHNU always manifests as TWO, but when one twin loses the other they become metaphorically lost. -- a god needs a twin TO REALIZE what/who he is. And the god's twin needs the god to realize what-who She is... Shakti-Man.

A god without his twin is as lost as is a particle without its antiparticle.. as lost as the Universe must be until it finds its TWIN, anti-universe.

Male and Female are Twins – the thoughts that separate male-female keep them blind and deaf to their Oneness: the Female is the Shakti that reveals to the male what he is – a TWIN .. without the female-shakti the male is forever lost to think he is separate ...only through his Twin can a male realize he is ONE with his twin – Shaktiman .

Twins who realize their oneness are rare, and few of these rare twins realize what twins are/mean.

the rarest of Twins know they are twins
and are thus the rarest expression of the living gods
because the unfathomable magic and unbelievable coincidences leaves no doubt that they are not just the reincarnation of Vishnu but VISHNU.

On the subject of reincarnation, and contrary to all those who claim one reincarnation after the other, like Sri Sri Sri: Ramana did not tell Papaji that he was the reincarnation of Krishna,
Ramana told Papaji: I AM KRISHNA ... and then he pointed to Papaji to tell him: “YOU ARE KRISHNA.”

so too the rarest of Twins are not the reincarnation of Vishnu because they are VISHNU,
the godhead of gods.

-- really, Really, REALLY