The Goddess to Counter Black Magic

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The Goddess to Counter Black Magic: MAA PRATYANGIRA

This is related to the Prithvi Tatva (earth element) in us which gets us siddhis and eliminates ailments related to this element. Activation of all elements leads to quicker awakening of Kundalini and enables a sadhak to access all supernatural powers.

She is supposed to frustrate the witchcraft attacks by enemies.
Sri Pratyangira Devi is also associated with Sri Cakra. She is considered to be a powerful repellent of the influences generated by witchcraft. In Sri Cakra worship, she protects the devotees against all odds and guides him/her along the right path.
The most detailed source for worshipping Pratyangira is Meru Tantra. Pratyangira mantras are also given in Mantra-mahodadhi and some other texts. Pratyangira is sometimes identified with Bhadrakali and Siddhilakshmi.

Pratyangira comes from a deep, deep place within the Divine Mother. As Pratyangira energy manifests, it’s often a very swift and sometimes ferocious current. Many of the saints who've seen it's energetic expression have described it as half lion and half human. The lion head is that of a male and the body is that of a female, representing the union of Shiva and Shakti. In her full form, she is humongous, with 1008 heads (symbolically representing the 1008-petalled Sahasrara Chakra, the universal chakra of cosmic energy) and 2016 hands, riding majestically on a chariot pulled by 4 lions (representing the 4 Vedas), carrying many swords for removing obstacles. The jaws of so many lions makes it very powerful for destroying negative karmas, and a great blessing for anyone on a spiritual path. However, such a current can be understandably rough, so it’s wise to approach with respect and some consideration of what our heart is asking for.
Two rishis in the ancient times, Pratyangira and Angiras, in their deep meditation, discovered this goddess through her moola mantra in the ethereal waves of the sound current. And though this Mother is nameless, she honored these Rishis by giving the blessings to be named after them. She has hence been known as Sri Maha Pratyangira Devi. The beejaksharam (seed letter) of her mantra is ksham (bliss).

She is Sri Chakra Swaroopini. "Ksham" is her Bheeja Mantram. While talking about Prathyangira Amman, she is often associated with Bhairavar.. She is called Bhairava Pathnee or Atharvana Bhadra Kali (since Kali is considered to be Bhairavar's wife). Worshipping Prathyangira Amman relieves us from all kinds of dosham, accidents, enemies, diseases, wrath, curses, obstacles, black magic. The following are special days for pooja for Prathyangira Amman:
1. Amavasya
2. Ashtami
3. Sunday
4. Tuesday
5. Friday

MAIN TEMPLE; In Ayyawadi, Thanjavur (SOUTH INDIA)

This temple for Sri Maha Prathyangira Devi is situated in a small village called Ayyavadi around 6 kms from Kumbakonam.
Located just 500 mts from Uppiliappan temple, this village was once called as Aivar Padi.According to legends, the 5 Pandavas visited this place, kept their weapons under a tree, worshipped Sri Maha Prathyangira Devi and went around in the forests. As the five Pandavas worshipped here, it is beleived that the place was called as Aivar Padi which later changed as Ayyavadi.
In Ramayana, Indrajit, son of Ravana performed a Yaga called "Nigumbalai Yagam", worshipping Sri Maha Prathyangira Devi. It is beleived that from this Ayyavadi he performed the Yaga. If he had completed the Yaga successfully, he would have got the powers to kill Rama.
But somehow it was spoiled by Lakshmana and Anjaneya before completion. Here the Devi is seated on the chariot with 4 lions, 8 arms with weapons possessing Lion's face.
Sri Maha Prathyangira Devi's worship will take away all evil forces and unsolvable problems from one's life. In this temple Homams are conducted every full moon day and Amavasya, after which huge volumes of Red Chillies are offered to the Goddess.