God Is For The Young & Bold!

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God is not for the old
When the senses are cold;
They wasted their youth
Hence difficult is truth.
He is for the young and bold;
Only they can behold.

In recent times, Buddha sacrificed a kingdom
In his youth to know real freedom.
By Jesus known was truth
In his early youth.
Know, God is not for the old
Whose senses are cold.
He is for the young and bold.

In ancient times, Druva went to the wood
To seek God, in early boyhood;
He showed God to his mother
About Whom she did always bother;
God gave him stardom
Ensuring him freedom.

Devotee Prahlada as a boy
Never played with a toy
But in God found endless joy;
His father used many a bad ploy
On his son he could employ
But Prahlada did enjoy
At what God did deploy
To rush to convoy.
I bow to their lotus feet, without coy.

*** Salutations to the shoes of my Eternal Father Guru Siddha Nath ***