God will not ask you.

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These are ten questions that are usually not put to devotees by God.

1. God will not ask you about the size of your building and the number of rooms it has. But, He asks you, how many persons you have invited to your house with open hands and big heart.

2. God won’t ask you, how much you are earning (income). Instead, He wants to know that how much you are earning honestly and legally.

3. God will not ask you, regarding the status and name and fame, you are gaining through your job. But , instead, He is interested to know whether you are discharging your duties sincerely or not.

4. God is not interested regarding the size and the total cost of your vehicle. But, He is interested to know, for how many people (going on foot), you offered lift in your car and there by helping them to reach their destinations.

5. God will not ask you, in which locality, you are living and the social status you are maintaining. But, He is interested how you are behaving with your neighbors.

6. God won’t ask you how many friends you are having. Instead, God wants to know, how many persons are making friendship with you.

7. God will not bother about your color and creed. But, He enquires about how much goodness you are having in you.

8. God is not interested what type of food you are taking and how many number of dresses you are having. Instead, He wishes to know, how many poor people you are feeding and for how many number of needy, you are helping during the winter season, thereby protecting them from sever cold.

9. God will not ask you, for how many people you have provided justice. But, He asks you, how many persons were protected from injustice by your sincere efforts.

10. God will not ask you how many pilgrim centers you have visited and also how many spiritual books you have read. But, he wants to know how much service you have rendered to your fellow human beings.

The golden quotation is: “Serving the humanity is serving the God”.


Worship of God

Serving the people and creature is the worship of God.

NIDHI PARKASH | Thu, 06/17/2010 - 19:16