God is Unimaginable

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God is Unimaginable
O Learned and Devoted Servants of God,

[June 29, 2008] The soul is imaginable item. It is a part of creation and creation is imaginable. The soul taken as basic inert energy can be seen by eyes with the help of powerful scientific instruments. The soul taken in the form of special work or transportation of information by special neuron cells can also be visualized. Thus, the soul taken in any form is visualized and hence, it cannot be the unimaginable God. The Veda (Drushyatetvagraya…) and the Gita (Pashyanti Jnanachakshushah…) clearly say that the soul can be visualized by Scholars or Scientists. God is beyond space and hence, can never be imagined even by intelligence (logic), which is highest faculty of Knowledge. The human imagination can never go beyond space. Since God is the generator of space, God exists beyond space and can never be imagined. The miracles are the unimaginable incidents that indicate the unimaginable God.

As long as an incident can be explained by scientific logic, nobody takes the name of God. The hot Sun light indicates the hot Sun. The cool moon light indicates the cool moon. Similarly, the unimaginable incident indicates the unimaginable God. The only available information about the nature of God is that God is unimaginable. Thus, when a person experiences the unimaginable miracle in the life, such experience can be treated as the experience of God. Unimaginable does not mean inexperienciable.
The faith in God becomes strongest and deepest after the experience of such unimaginable nature of God. Thick skinned people need intensive miracles. There are some people, who do not have skin at all and can never experience God like a stone. Such souls take the birth of inert objects and may serve the devotees for a possible change. A stone may serve a devotee standing on the wall of his house. Such service may bring change and may give a human birth again. God never condemns any soul forever.

The father always tries throughout his life to change his child. The sensitive skin of a Scholar experiences God even through a light miracle. Scholars experience God through unimaginable parts of the already existing creation like seeing the unimaginable boundary of the Universe. Such greatest Scholar does not need any other miracle. The importance of Cosmic Vision exhibited by the Lord is only indicating the existence of such unimaginable boundary of the creation (Nantosti mama divyanaam—Gita). Thus, for a real Scholar there is no need of a time bound miracle to take place. A human being always investigates the miracle to find out even a trace of possibility to interpret it through logic. The reasons for this are his ignorance about God and deep knowledge about creation. A devotee is quite reverse. He has deep knowledge about God and ignorance about the creation.

Today, people spend all their lives in learning the creation for earning. They lack the knowledge of God since they do not have time to learn about God. Hence, miracles also fail in their case. Duryodhana considered even the Cosmic Vision shown by the Lord as magic. Dhrutarashtra was also blessed with the vision and praised the Lord during the time of vision. But, after sometime, he became Duryodhana and considered all that as magic. A perfect atheist refuses the miracle on the spot. A semi-atheist refuses the miracle after sometime. A real theist accepts even the lightest miracle and continues to experience God by constantly remembering it. Most of the people today are semi-atheists. I assuredly tell you that the greatest worship of God is to remember even the lightest miracles happened in ones life and remember God shedding tears (Kathayantashcha maam nityam—Gita).

The creation contains both imaginable and unimaginable items. The imaginable items are created to give a relative significance to the existence of unimaginable nature. In the absence of day, night has no significance. The deeper parts of the nature are unimaginable as accepted even by the scientists. The superficial imaginable part of the nature became imaginable to the human beings by the will of Lord so that the separate identity of unimaginable nature can have a real relative significance.

God is the absolute truth. Energy is the absolute truth in the field of relativity. Energy is also a relative truth but being the final truth in the ladder of relativity, it is also called as absolute truth within the sphere of relativity or creation. The word ‘Sat’, which means the absolute truth, can be used for both God and Energy but, the difference is to be realized. In the presence of God, Energy can never be absolute truth. But, when God is not referred, Energy happens to be the absolute truth within the boundaries of the creation. The second Chapter of the Gita deals with the Soul, which is only Energy. In this chapter, God is not referred at all. Hence, in this context, the Energy is mentioned as the absolute truth. With reference to Energy, a form of an object is a relative truth only. Hence, Lord says that a non-existent thing like form (Asat) is always non-existent (Naasato Vidyate Bhavah…). The Energy is the existing basis of the creation and hence, exists always (Nabhavo Vidyate Satah…). But, Scholars, who have realized God, treat both these Energy and form as relative things only with reference to God and therefore, both are non-existent with reference to God. Both these constitute Cause and Effect parts in the creation. Both these (Creation) have beginning since they were created by God. If God wishes both these disappear and will have end (Ubhayorapi Drushtontah…).


Beyond and Intellect

Imagination happens when biological entity has brain along-with intellect and mind. Intellect performs through the faculty of thinking imagination in mind but these are all functioning in the spheres of mental and psychological stuffs which are totally of the nature of materialistic aspects because the mind along-with intellect has no capacity to go beyond these as having been these the boundaries of mind and intellect. All these have been floating in Maayaa; therefore God is spoken unimaginable.

NIDHI PARKASH | Tue, 09/29/2009 - 17:57
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God is unimaginable. So when we open our mouths to say even one word about "God," it's a mistake. Whatever we say, we're just making up stuff, since the truth is that we don't know.

So we say, "Silence is better than Holiness."


RandomStu | Tue, 09/29/2009 - 18:50