god is (poem)

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god is music.
god is movies.
god is that random guy i just talked to for five minutes in line at the grocerie store.
god is homeless.
god is starving.
god is wealth and burden.
god is the warm breaze pushing through an old birch tree making an orcestra out of the leafs, and then dancing up to the heavens.
god is choice.
god is breath.
god is death.

god is you.
now what are you going to do.

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Very good poem,

Very good poem,
Mr: "hart" ji,

>>>god is you.
now what are you going to do.<<<,

As you are saying this above is all right & also sounds divine,

>>>What you are going to do ?<<<,
If somebody would have been used any bad language regarding this Q:

So, what will you do, can you control your "Angerness" after this happens ?

If, Yes! Than you are really walking spiritual,
If, No! Than you need to control your "Ego" first,

When jesus was being hanged on the cross,
Said jesus: O "Lord" please forgive these peoples, they don't know what are they doing, O "Lord" please forgive these peoples they are unknown,

It is easy to write any poem in favour of "Lord"
But! it is very difficult to bear any disrespect,

One spiritual master says that:
Bearing disrespect is a part of devotion,

Any how, Respected "Hart" ji,
plaese forgive me for any pinching language used in the post,
I hope that you will definatly understand my point spiritually,


jasdir singh jaura | Thu, 10/21/2010 - 05:09
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GOD is everything

Jasdir ji,I think he mean to say in a different way...as GOD is everything but still we identify GOD as separate identity..

so there is no 'I' and 'YOU'....Everything is "I" in that case
Question of "YOU" don't arise....

Hope i have understood correctly!

bonya basu | Thu, 10/21/2010 - 06:11