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I grew up with nature all around me in school, but anly realised that God dwells in the nature around me when i read this article by Shri Shri Nimishananda...

"The Atharva Veda has said that the Supreme Lord is too near to be abandoned and too close to be witnessed. The Vedas have told us all to behold Nature’s splendour, the sun, the moon, the stars, the mountains, the rivers and oceans, as the Lord’s Divine Poetry.

God and Nature are both beyond decay and death, whereas a man’s body is subject to both. All man-made things, the buildings, bridges, roads and houses, have a particular life–span and they are subject to decay and death.

Look at the sun, the moon and the stars. There is absolutely no decay, no death. Yes, they are subject to changes, but the mass, the energy, the light and the basic characteristics remain the same. So, it is said you can feel the presence of God in the nature around you.

What is God then? That which is changeless and not subject to decay and death is God. The magnificence of God’s beautiful creation can be seen everywhere around us.

The men of wisdom and the sages say - “Use your speech to describe the glorious beauty of Nature, and you will automatically feel the presence of divinity within you.” Once you establish this, your performance will be totally efficient, totally perfect and what you achieve and attain will bring joy to you, to the world around you and to the people who are in touch with you. You will be walking along in God’s path. When you are happy, you automatically make the people around you extremely happy.

So, don’t try to take care of the outside world. Take care to make the inside world perfect and watch how the world around you automatically takes care of itself by becoming perfect.

This is the whole secret of life, which reveals that the life’s innermost core is nothing but divine love and joy. So, just go about and feel the presence of divinity outside you in Nature and over a period of time, you will feel and enjoy the presence of this same love and joy inside your heart too."

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