God cruel to create this world for entertainment?

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God cruel to create this world for entertainment?

People often blame God stating that they are troubled since God created this world for His entertainment. They say that God is a sadist because He is entertained by their suffering. This is shear non-sense. God created this entire world consisting of the souls. Souls constitute Para Prakruti, which is a part of the creation. He gave complete freedom to the souls and gave the intelligence (Buddhi), which is the powerful faculty of discriminating good and bad. God propagated His constitution, which contains clearly the subjects of good and bad. The prophets propagated this constitution on this earth. Now if God is deriving entertainment on observing the creation, how can you call Him as sadist? He is not responsible for your desires and selection of good and bad for which you have the full freedom.

He is not responsible even for a trace of your desire and even for a trace of your subsequent action. The constitution gives only information and does not encourage you in anyway. A hotel is exhibiting a board listing the various items available for the food. The board is only for your information. According to your taste, capacity of digestion and problems of health, you have to select the suitable item of food. You cannot blame the hotel saying that the hotel is responsible for your indigestion, since it exhibited a particular item by which you are attracted! A person is standing in the balcony of his residence and is observing the traffic to get entertainment. Suppose an accident took place on the road, you cannot blame the observer to be responsible for the accident. You are well aware of the traffic rules and your over look of the rules is responsible for the accident.

The observation and entertainment of any spectator is not at all connected with the accident. The divine constitution consists of two parts. The first part is the Pravrutti, which is the social behavior to live in this world with peace and harmony. This Pravrutti is based on heaven, earth and hell, which are plus, zero and minus signs respectively. If you do social service helping the poor people, you will get heaven, which is a temporary pleasure proportional to the extent of your sacrifice in the social service. For this, you will receive the result on the earth also either partially or totally. If the result is not seen on the earth, you will receive the total result in the heaven after death. However, the result is not permanent (Kshenepunye…Gita) because your social service is not blended with divine mission.

If you do the service to your self and your family only, you will be living on this earth with happiness and peace provided you are not harming others with corruption and torture. For this also, the result is temporary because the result is confined to this temporary human life only. Anyway, in both the cases the result is temporary only. If you are confined to your self and your family only, there is no result after death and you will not enter the heaven for serving your family and your self. You will enter the heaven partially or totally for serving the weaker sections in the society but the stay in heaven is temporary. In doing social service, you may confine to your village, District, State, Country, Religion and Earth but you should not harm any living being in this service.

You must avoid corruption and torture of any living being on this earth in doing the service. If you are indulged in corruption and torture of any living being, the court here will punish you. If you escape the punishment here, God will punish you here partially and in the hell after the death partially or totally. The punishment of God is based on the transformation of the soul and not the revenge as observed in the terrorism. Terrorism wants revenge without aiming at the transformation of the soul. It does not understand the whole divine system and denies even God due to emotion. Emotion kills the analysis and patience will give happiness and permanent solution. Do not take law and order in to your hands. If the court or Government fails in implementing the justice, God will punish even the court and Government because human beings only constitute the court and Government, which can err. All this comes under Pravrutti. If you avoid the hell after death and punishments here by limiting your self to the service of your family and the society, God is pleased with you.

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details in form

How do you know all that and in such detail?

How come god submits to cultural laws? good and bad, corruption, service, family, heaven and hell.

kaput | Fri, 12/26/2008 - 22:27
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I see you are one of those

I see you are one of those needing an external being to be responsible for your punishment and reward, taking the responsibility for your own behaviour out of your hand. I do agree we are a part of existence but we will each eventually become the life force of existence. That is why the law of karma, reaping and sowing, controls every life's action.

When the individual ghost or life force was the the source of life for existence we wereentertained by the multitude of activities going on within us, but we then will have to endure every thing the multitude of entities which entitqained us went through, so when existence discarnates we go to the end of the line of ghosts to go through life's puzzle or maze until it is our time to give life to existence again.

Should god be blamed, no and yes, because we are god.
Have you questioned your beliefs? Reason the different concepts until all pros and cons are integrated into the 64,800 degrees of your vision.
--Elijah "NatureBoy"--

Elijah_NatureBoy | Sat, 12/27/2008 - 03:53
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We are not God

An individual soul is not God. It is highest type of ignorance.

We are not God

What is soul or Atman or causal body? Is it the awareness present in the nervous system? Or is it the inert energy present in the brain? The concept of I exists in both. The egoism ‘I’ exists as a pulse in the brain in the inert energy and the same pulse exists in nervous system being experienced. If you say that the soul is awareness, it is born every day and it dies every day. This is the soul from one angle, which is mentioned by Gita (Athachainam Nityajatam…). Please note that this view is mentioned as an angle and is never condemned by Gita. From another angle, it is the inert energy present in the brain, which is eternal as mentioned in Gita (Ajo Nityah…). Awareness in the nervous system is in the form of work. Inert energy in the brain is in the form of energy.

In one angle the soul is specific work and in another angle soul is inert energy. Energy and work are inter-convertible and both are the same entity in different forms. Therefore, essentially it does not matter, whether you take the soul as work or energy. According to science even the matter is a form of energy only. Therefore, the gross body, which exists in deep sleep, is as good as the inert energy in brain or as good as the awareness in the basic sense in the nervous system. The gross body made of matter, the subtle body made of pulses (whether in the state of inert energy or in the state of awareness) and the causal body which is the inert energy in the brain or awareness in the nervous system are one and the same and come under one category called as creation.

The condensed energy is matter. Work is another form of the same energy. A scientist does not distinguish these three states. These three are the different forms of creation and creation is different from creator. Your analysis of these three states is of no use because you are dancing only in the same medium of creation with out touching the creator. Creation itself is work. It is work of the God. The working material is energy or matter or both. Energy and matter are also different works of God only. God is unimaginable and the work is imaginable. The link between work and God is again unimaginable. The link between a person and work is imaginable because both person and work are imaginable. Thus, there is no example in this world to imagine the God or to imagine the link with His work. Only the work is imaginable through which you can be sure of the existence of God. Thus, this wonderful Universe, which is the work of the God, proves the existence of God but the analysis of Universe neither gives any information about God nor any information about the link of Universe with God. The Universe indicates the existence of God but neither gives the information of God nor the experience of God.

After realising the existence of God, you can experience God through some item of the creation into which God entered. The best item of the Universe is the human being through which you can experience God and also clarify your doubts with God directly. If God exist in every human being, every human being should clarify your doubts. In fact since you are also one of the human beings and since God is in yourself also, you should clarify your own doubts, which means that you should not get any doubt and therefore no human being should have any doubt. Therefore, God enters into a specific human being only like Krishna or Jesus etc., who can alone clarify all your doubts and through whom alone you can experience God.

At Thy Lotus Feet His Holiness Sri Dattaswami

Anil Antony
Universal Spirituality for World Peace

dattaswami2 | Sat, 12/27/2008 - 15:58
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I love God but I disagree with your explanation!

Jai Shri Guru!

I have immense love for God and my Guru, however, I haven't still been able to understand why God created this world!

I have read several explanations but none are satisfying to my heart!

God can be a spectator but he created this setup of a dualistic world where we have a free-will to choose good and bad and get hell, heaven or earth...karma stuff....I didn't ask him to get me into this game....It is as if I have created a maze in which I put a gunea pig and on one side I leave a suar coated poison and on the other side I leave food - I then give it free-will to choose between the two and consume whatever it likes and then say, "O well! the gunea pig had a choice so I am not responsible, I am just entertaining myself as a spectator, as a third party, watching whatever happens" - But O well, that doesn't sound very compassionate on God's part, does it?

Some people will explain this with 'illusion of separation' theory which says basically that God and we are one so this question collapses - doesn't help me for obvious reasons!

There is a buddhist story which goes like this, "A man has been hit by an arrow and is dying slowly....Another man comes to help the victim but the victim asks the man to firstly explain, 'Who hit the arrow? When/why/how? etc'....The man says that I must firstly save you and then I shall answer everything...But the victim insists on him to answer first and only then he would allow him to remove the arrow and help him"
- The moral of the story is that we humans are in a similar situation where all these questions have to be left a mystery for now...Firstly we got to be 'saved'....We need to just work on the solution, rather than questioning the 'Who, why, how etc' though the limited mind! Time will pass and we have have rebirths after rebirths (if u believe in it) but we won't be able to fathom all the workings of the God so it is best to work on the solution - meditate, do good etc etc to work out our 'liberation'!
- This story satisfies me a bit though!

Anyone want to add on this topic, please do!

God bless,

mystic_saurabh | Wed, 09/30/2009 - 02:10
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Whether God is sadist to create this world for His entertainment

Some people criticize that God is enjoying the creation by entertaining Himself while the souls are troubled with problems and the blame God with sadism. The entertainment of God is not at all the sadism. Sadism is based on two points. One is: that the sadism is exhibited in reality in the world and not in the imaginary world. For God, this world is imaginary and not real. However, the sadism in the imaginary world may also show the attitude towards sadism in the mind. Even that point is ruled out because the second point for the sadism is: that a sadist enjoys by torturing some innocent person without justified reason.

Here in the case of God, the problem of the soul in the world is based on its own actions and the punishment is given based on perfect justice. Hence, the point of sadism cannot be attributed to God even in mind. Moreover, the soul is not concerned with the entertainment of God because the soul is not punished on any unjust reason.

If the soul follows the rules of God in the justice, no problem can be seen by the soul. A rich person started a college for entertainment or to escape the income tax on his wealth. This point is unnecessary for the student as long as the college is running on the rules of University. The student has scope to argue against the management provided any type of injustice takes place in teaching or in the examinations. As long as the academic program is perfectly implemented, the student has no scope of argument against the original intention of the management in starting the college. Only a student, who is not perfectly following the academic schedule, will bother about such irrelevant points to mask his own defects.

If some body still argues on this point due to foolishness, the only answer is that God is the supreme most boss and there is no body to argue with Him. If an ant comments on the driver of car, such comment is not even heard by the driver! Since you do not know all the actions of a soul from its childhood, you should not say that a particular soul is good and yet is punished without justice. Neither you are capable of noting all the actions of a soul nor you are capable of judging the action in depth. Shankara established the nature of the world as unreal by itself and is felt real as long as the world exists based on God. Such unreal world is imaginary. The dream cannot be real without its basic material, which is the soul or awareness. Similarly, a pot without mud and a chain without gold are unreal and they are imaginary or illusory. But the world is imaginary to God only and not to your self. If you say that the world is imaginary for your self also and try to do sins, you will have to undergo all the punishments and you must feel the punishments also as imaginary like your sins! Your sins and their punishments are within the realm of the world only and hence both must be imaginary!

God's Management of deeds of a soul

God acts as Father as well as the teacher (Guru) in the case of any soul. Since God created the soul, He is the Father. But at the same time He is the teacher who trains every soul to come up in the spiritual path. Generally in the world the father is different since teacher is separate. But here in the case of any soul the real Father and the real teacher is only one and that is God. Therefore, God is always kind as Father and is strict and harsh as teacher. But the harshness of the teacher is apparent only and in reality the harshness is kindness only. Hence, basically God is always kind. God appears harsh as the teacher and appears kind as Father.

Since, the teacher is basically kind even in his harsh attitude also, God is always kind in reality or in the basic sense. The souls have done continuous sins and continuous good deeds and if the results are to be given based on the same sequence and span of time, there will be continuous punishments for long time and continuous happiness for another span of long time. Then it will be summer for one year and winter for one year. But the kindest God has re-arranged our results in such manner so that our human life is made with alternative good and bad results so that there will be summer for two months and winter for two months so that the two years are made with alternative couple of months of summer and winter. Neither summer nor winter bores with continuity and both summer and winter with the span of one year each gets exhausted.

The punishments are used to remove the ignorance and happiness is given as an interval between punishments. The punishments are also selected in such a way so that their intensity is suitable to the frequency of requirement for the transformation in the life again and again. This means that a particular soul requires a particular punishment of a specified intensity suitable to the degree of ignorance of the soul and based on the same, the duration of the punishment also varies from one soul to the other. According to the requirement, a suitable portion from the result of the sin is cut like a piece from a large cake. The size of the piece depends on the requirement of the nature of the soul. The sizes of the pieces of the salt (bad result) and sweet (Good result) cakes depend upon the duration of treatment and interval required by the nature of the soul.

The salt cake is a medicine for the ignorance and the sweet cake is the food during the treatment for the patient-soul. The left over cakes are used for the external hell and heaven in the upper world. Whatever may be the place (hell or heaven or earth), the punishments are given for the treatment of ignorance only. In the earth the punishments are used as medicines but in the hell the punishments are used as the final surgery for removing the ignorance. In any case only the kindness of God is always reflected. Thus, God can be seen as Father or Teacher or Doctor giving medicines or surgeon doing operation and in all angles only the kindness is reflected always. He is always working constantly to uplift every soul. God works as Teacher, Doctor and Surgeon and at the same time the God with an attitude of the Father also observes the possible limit up to which the soul can withstand the treatment.

Once the limit is reached, God will regain the attitude of Father withdrawing Himself from the attitude of Teacher or Doctor or Surgeon and as a Father He starts giving the food of happiness for some time. Remember that He is using the bad and good results of the deeds of the soul only in every action to uplift the soul.

The deeds are done by the soul in a free atmosphere and God has no trace of interference and the same time all this treatment and food arranged alternatively makes the life cycle quite interesting to the soul without boring since continuity of anything is absent. Otherwise the soul would have got bored and the Samskara (strong feeling) of boring should have followed the soul and the soul must have developed repulsion to this world as soon as it is born in this world.

At Thy Lotus Feet His Holiness Sri Dattaswami

Anil Antony
Universal Spirituality for World Peace

dattaswami2 | Wed, 09/30/2009 - 02:24
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"Some people will explain

"Some people will explain this with 'illusion of separation' theory which says basically that God and we are one so this question collapses - doesn't help me for obvious reasons!"

I'm not certain what the obvious reasons are, but I can guess. There can be no true answer to a question which is based on falsehood. The notion of free will and volition, together with the idea of a 'personal God' (one that thinks and plans and is entertained from outside the illusion) makes it impossible to give an understandable answer to the question.

If separation is an illusion, are you inside or outside of the illusion? If separation is an illusion, is God the dreamer or the dreamed?

Phroggy | Thu, 10/01/2009 - 01:55