God comes into this world through human form

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God comes into this world through human form

God comes into this world through human form to preach the absolute and real knowledge of Himself. Such a Guru is called as Satguru. The word Sat means absolute reality and indicates God. The word Sat also means cosmic energy, which is the topmost plane of the entire ladder of relative realities. With reference to the entire world, energy becomes the absolute reality or Sat, but it cannot be Sat with reference to God. You have to derive the proper meaning of the same word based on the context. The awareness alone is the real medium into which God enters. This means that God will never enter the inert material alone like a stone. Veda says this clearly (NEDAM TAT). Inert material will stand as a representative model for the worship in the case of beginners.

When God enters the human form the inert material also exists in human body, but it is associated with awareness. When it is said that God is awareness, it means that God charges only the awareness and never the inert item without awareness. A person is indicated by ‘that red shirt’. It means that the person always wears the red shirt. This neither means that the person is red shirt nor vice-versa. Similarly, when you say that God is awareness, it means God enters the awareness always and not any inert item without awareness. This clearly means that neither God is awareness nor vice-versa. Therefore, every human incarnation is Satguru because every human form of God is invariably associated with the spiritual preaching. The Hinduism is blessed with three such Satgurus i.e., Shankara, Ramanuja and Madhva who stressed upon knowledge (Jnana), devotion (Bhakthi) and action in service (Seva).

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What is God?

God comes to this world through anything but form, including human form.

God is not interested in preaching but only the professional religious politicians which have other motives are interested.

Otherwise I don't think it is truly God but just yet another confusing image based on concept.

lolita | Thu, 11/19/2009 - 11:39