God and I,

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In my earlier topic I had said that "I", "You", "He or She", do not have any existance, Knowledge and Power Independently or apart from God. He alone is and his Prime Name is "I".
Similarly, when we look at our own body, we will find that Our body consisting of Trillion Cells was formed out of One Cell. One Cell was formed out of egg (Half a Cell). and Sperm (other Half a Cell)put together. This One Cell split into two and formed into two independent separate cells Cells connected together. In this way of splitting and forming a complete Cell, Trillion Cells was formed which we call as our body.
Do we see our body as one entity, or as a combination of Trillion Cells. When we Introduce ourself as so and so do we expect others to consider that entity as one whole body or a combination of Trillion Cells.
These combination of Trillion Cells have there own independent existance as we have, as compared to others and as we perceive independent existance in this world. They have their Own Consciousness, breaths, eats, excretes, functions, (independently as well as, as a part in society),helps, thinks, has knowledge, acts etc.
Whatever, the individual Cell may claim, we see ourself as one single entity and not as a combination of Trillion Cells.
Everyday millions of cells die and millions of cells are born in our own body. The died Cell goes or removed out of our body. We neither feel sorrow for the death or joy for the birth of Millions of Cells.
In similar manner all of us are like one single cell of the Cosmic body, whom we may call it as "Vishnu", Consciousness,God or by any other name. We have no separate existance from that one entity and that entity is "I",
"I AM" etc.
As we perceive combination of Trillion Cell as one single body,start perceiving the universe as a whole including your own body as one. This is the Sadhana beginning and end.

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Holographic Reality

I used to like the analogy of individuality as being just a part of the whole just as individual cells make up the totality of the body, but I always reduced myself to being only a fat cell. I later read a theory which seems to make more sense and illustrates the inherent truth you are pointing at in a more complete way and allows for the possibility that we are much more than an individual nature.

The theory compares reality to a hologram. If one were to shatter or break up a hologram into a dozen tiny pieces, you would not have pieces of a hologram, you would have a dozen tiny holograms of the same original hologram. The article below(that explains the theory in greater detail) gives the example that if you cut a hologram of a rose in half, you would not have two halves of a rose but two roses.


SO..Let's say God shattered God's Self into an infinite number of pieces, or cells, as you describe. One cell of God contains, or is, the whole of God.

Now who is seeing the pieces of God? What is it that can differentiate the piece of God from the Whole of God when all that Is can only be the Whole of God?

I'm working on that one myself..Lol

I know it has something to do with Consciousness and Self though.

B-friend | Fri, 10/09/2009 - 20:10
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Who differentiates?

>>What is it that can differentiate the piece of God from the Whole of God when all that Is can only be the Whole of God?

I'm working on that one myself..Lol<<

Why not just accept that I can't? Or at the very least, I no longer want to until I no longer can.

B-friend | Fri, 10/09/2009 - 20:40