God's Rules

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In this uplifting quote William LePar's spiritual source, The Council, gives us all hope as we move through our lives.

The Council: There are many rules that seem immovable, but they are only as rigid and solid as are the men who make them. The rules of God are absolute and unchangeable. They are sturdy as a shepherd's staff; they are as high and as strong and as firm as a mountain, but even in this, one should take great delight in that in God's Total Love, His Law, His Rules, are equal for each of His Children. They are as fair for one as they are for the other, and they are only as binding and as demanding on an individual as that individual can honestly fulfill them. Man's rules are not pliable and are not bending; they are rigid, so consequently, they can be broken or they can be changed. God's rules are made in love, consequently, they are firm; they are strong; they are good; they are fair; they are rigid; but they become elastic and bendable with love as the tempering element. God's Laws will not be broken, but they will bend to meet you as you stretch to reach them. This is the Love of your Father.

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