God's Love for Us

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God's Love for Us

I was struck by the combination of the following two quotes. The first one is by William LePar's spiritual source, The Council. The other given several years earlier by William in one of the many classes that he taught.

The Council:
"As we have said a thousand times in the past, this Infinite Father constantly has His Arms outstretched begging you to return to His Bosom. He understands your humanness. He wants you to understand your godliness. He wants you to realize that you are a great, loving entity that can create all the benefits that the world needs for a godly peace in creation.
"There are days when you will see dark clouds in the sky, but it is only a temporary condition. If you do not like the darkness of the sky, it is very simple to bring the sunshine back. Just look in a mirror at yourself, that is all it takes. Look at a mirror at yourself and as soon as you do that with honesty, the clouds, the darkness will begin to dissipate. Enjoy the bounty that you have; it is yours; it is yours to use; it is yours to multiply and gain more by."

William LePar:
"What we are asked is to be willing to do what should be done and to believe that God is a personal God. That is one of the main things we must believe: That this is a personal God and not just some mindless being, which many people believe. This is a force, a vibration; a Being beyond our ability to comprehend that is in love with us. Not just loves us but is IN love with us. We must believe that He has such feeling for us that He Himself would stoop to enter the physical to do something for us. Basically, how most of us are going to reach perfection is that, finally, some day we are going to realize, hopefully before it is too late, that there is somebody that is bigger than us who is responsible for us, who really cares. In some way He came, living in the same kind of existence that we live, not because He had to but because He wanted to, and He did something that is beyond our real understanding, that allows us to drop all the things that we are indebted for and cross into a greater awareness, a greater existence."

For more on William LePar and The Council visit www.WilliamLePar.com

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Thank you dear David for sharing this nice post.

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