GOD'S communication to MAN

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GOD's message comes in many various forms.The message is also meditated by human being.No human vehicle is fully adequate to convey the fullness of GOD'S message.Human language is inadequate to express what can be discerned in its complete SPIRITUAL SENSE,only by means of holy SPIRITS.

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Every body can't undersatand it.

It true .God may give us message in any form in any way in any time.
Even road side bagger can also say some thing very true it may also gods message.
Some time he say some thing in dream or in sleep but it is just like on time fix memory Like ROM of computer.
Once i get one mantra in sleep i get up instantly in mid night. I fear that it i will forget it in morning.
Than another message i received i will not forget up to end of my life. This mantra is not found by me anywhere and i also not share it with my wife also.
This self experience.

Sab ka Malik Ek

Trilok | Fri, 08/27/2010 - 11:51