Global Meditation Event

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Thank you so much for being an active participant in this wonderful new paradigm which we are all together creating as we speak.

On the 12th December we'll have more sessions of the Global Meditation Event so join us all over the globe at 12:12 pm!! You can count with a graceful and lightful event on that day as so many people all over the world are going to be sharing the same energy.

We will be partnering with many institutions, projects and movements around the world on this day and look forward to having you and your friends joining us from wherever you might be on the planet on the 12-12-11.

We invite you to leave a comment on our Testimonials page and share this beautiful energy with as many people as possible as together the energy is much stronger and purer, here's the link:


Monday the 12th December 2011.

At what time?

12:12 PM of your Country of Residence.


12:12 Central European Time (Spain, Germany, Austria, France, Slovenia, etc.), 11:12 GMT (Portugal, UK), 06:12 EST, 03:12 PST, 07:12 Brazil, 21:12 Australia.


Online on


The intention of this gathering is to share meditation on a global scale simultaneously in all areas of the globe to help the world in these times of profound and intense transformation. Everyone’s intention has an extraordinary strength.

The meditation will be presented in video and spoken in English with Portuguese, Spanish, Dutch and Chinese subtitles.

The Global Mediation Event is an Experience of meditation which creates a sense of well-being in a much deeper way than any other practice or tool.

For whom?

Men and Women from all ages, different religious and political creeds and faiths, different ethnic groups, with or without experience of meditation.

Which meditation?

Please check here our suggested meditation.

• Find a comfortable space;

• Close your eyes;

• Focus on the breath;

• Allow yourself to experience the true meaning of being alive.

See you soon! GME Global Team

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Right WISDOM of Spirituality.....

Thank you very much for sharing the Message.
This is the right way being S P I R I T U A L...
We all are connected.....and LET US FEEL THE CONNECTION!!!

bonya basu | Fri, 11/04/2011 - 06:59
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We Are One

It is such a wonderful feeling to share this beautiful world with so many like-minded awakening heart-centered friends.

Rahma | Sat, 12/10/2011 - 18:11