Give your entire money to God in human form for salvation

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In the preaching of Vasishtha to Shri Rama, it is said that money is the root basis of all worldly bonds (Dhanamulamidam jagat …). The meaning of this statement is that the money is earned due to all the worldly bonds. For the sake of happiness of yourself, your wife, your children, your parents etc., you are earning the money. If all these disappear, you will not have the bond with money, since in such stage money becomes totally useless. Therefore, the bond with money is only indirect and not direct. It means, you are not having any direct love to money. The love to money is only due to love to all the worldly bonds.

Your bond with the money is based on the roots of your worldly bonds. As long as your bond with the money exists, it means that your worldly bonds exist. The only proof for the destruction of your worldly bonds is the destruction of your bond with money. As long as your bond with money exists, you cannot claim that your worldly bonds are cut. One may leave his family and stay in a foreign country for the sake of earning money. He may claim that his family bonds are cut. After completion of earning, he will go back to his family. To prove this, if you catch his earned money, truth comes out. One may stay with his family, but if he sacrifices all his money, it means all his worldly bonds including the bond to his body are already cut. Therefore, money alone stands as the proof for all the worldly bonds including the personal bond with the body.

Therefore, Veda says that the detachment to worldly bonds is only by the sacrifice of money alone (Dhanena tyagenaikena …). When all the money possessed by a person is sacrificed to God, it is a proof for the destruction of all his worldly bonds including the bond to self. This sacrifice proves the liberation of soul from all the bonds including the bond to itself. This total sacrifice is the total liberation or total salvation, but such sacrifice should be for the sake of God alone and must be due to love to God only and not for the sake of some other cause. Salvation without devotion to God is useless.

A mentally retarded person may also do such sacrifice and it cannot be the salvation, since the basis here is ignorance due to madness and not God. Some people do such sacrifice for the sake of the welfare of the society and such sacrifice is good, but still it is not the salvation. Such people reach heaven for a specific period of time and return back to the earth. Thus, a good sincere politician with patriotism to society of humanity can reach the heaven for sometime but not God forever. Salvation should be based on devotion to God. Mere salvation is meaningless and should not be asked in the prayer. Gita sharpened this concept of sacrifice of money by introducing karma phala tyaga.

If you sacrifice your hard earned money for the sake of God, God will be pleased, because it is very difficult to sacrifice self-earned money. If it is self-earned money through hard work, its value is deeply realized by you and the sacrifice becomes more difficult. Thus, Gita always gave the concept with more clarification and more sharpness than Veda. If your love to God is full, your sacrifice will be also full. The value of sacrifice depends on the extent of your sacrifice and not on the extent of sacrificed money.

In the presence of Jesus, several rich people were donating huge amounts. A beggar donated just one Deenar and Jesus immediately appreciated the beggar, since the total money with the beggar was only that one Deenar. That beggar was granted salvation and not those rich people, who donated hundreds of Deenars. Therefore, salvation is an item to be sold by God, but the rate depends not on the extent of the money, but depends on the extent of sacrifice of money. When your sacrifice is not full, you are trying to purchase the salvation, which can never be purchased. When your sacrifice is full, the salvation is sold.




Body, mind and money all are of God; all of these which are already of His things if offered to Him then we have offered His Own things to Him.

Victory to Mother Kundalini of whose we all are toys and She is eternally playing with these toys.

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Offer yourself at Holy Feet of Kundalini Mother as it is you having been for getting salvation. Dive in the Sahaja music of salvation as below:-

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NIDHI PARKASH | Thu, 02/04/2010 - 12:56
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Love to God is tested by money

Love to God is tested by money

Today money is the real instrument by which only one can test the real love. If somebody donates money for the sake of Lord's work, he has the real love to the Lord. Everyone gives money to his family because he has the real love to his family only. This is the fire test in which the real color of the love can be seen. Holy Jesus said that the heart of anybody lies there only wherever his money lies. Holy Jesus criticizes the rich man only when he does not sacrifice. His criticism of rich people applies only when the money is stored for selfish purpose even after acquiring the minimum needs. Earning money is not a sin. Infact one should always work and earn the money. But storing money is the sin. Therefore "earn and sacrifice" is the real spiritual aim.

Ofcourse in the case of saints all their work is dedicated to the Lord only and they have sacrificed even the family bonds completely. Money is another form of the work, which is the fruit of the work. Therefore, it is the same whether one sacrifices his money or work for the sake of the work of the Lord. The work of the Lord is only to uplift the entire world in spiritual line.

Therefore do not cast away your confidence, which has great reward (Hebrews 10:35).
At Thy Lotus Feet His Holiness Sri Dattaswami

Anil Antony
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dattaswami2 | Thu, 02/04/2010 - 13:24

Test of Love


Neither the father nor brothers nor anybody other is greater than money(rupee), but money is the greatest to all because it has highest elastic exchange capacity in the world of commodities; therefore, saints, sages, religious advisers etc. becoming chief well advisers of the public have been continually giving religious piece of advice for the shedding of their money to the representatives of God who are modern saints in view of making the God compassionate through them. It is the money which is needed to all in order to purchase the commodities of necessities, comforts, luxuries.

This is the money which make all the mares go.

There is a proverb which runs as---- Nothing is lost, if money is lost. Something is lost, if health is lost. All is lost, if character is lost. But in modern times practically it is changed with the strong support of modern-day some unique spiritual guides as----- Nothing is lost, if character is lost. All is lost, if money is lost.

Food, clothes and hut/house/living room are the necessity of all including saints. Householders also need some particular comforts for the bringing up of their tender children. But each one keeps in ones own heart the desire to enjoy luxuries which is also motto of human races and may be called the symbol of modern economic and commercial progress. God Ram Chandra reincarnated in royal family and He served public as His children looking after all equally as per their needs. He was ideal son, ideal student, ideal husband and father and also above this He was considered ideal King. Reining by Him was ideal reining so His kingdom was ideal kingdom. He contributed charities in the forms of articles and to some extent in the form of money when such needful situations had arisen. He fully sacrificed Himself to others/public but He never unthinkably/mindlessly distributed His treasure to others considering it 'the whole of treasure of the public'.
Lord Krishna was also reincarnated in royal family but was nursed in other rich family and He became Divine diplomat on account of which He made Mahabharata to have to be won for His friend Arjuna and his pandava brothers; which was actually to get kingdom/treasures(money).
There are four parts of society called 'ASHRAMS'as brahmacharya(student-life), grihstha(household-life), vaanaprastha(post household life as well as pre-monastic-life), sanyaasa(monastic-life) and all of these were duty-bound according to their settled rules necessarily to keep the whole society integrated. Grihstha remained pillar to all supporting to others with money but he could never sacrifice the whole money because of as per his duty to keep money for the time of necessity looking after family and other social responsibilities. Among four them only the sanyaasi was supposed to give up all his money to Public/God in view of which at the time of embracing sanyaasa kings of our ancient India gave up all their money and kingdom and went to forests/monasteries for the tapa doing which was the mode of salvation.

Victory to Mother Kundalini.

NIDHI PARKASH | Thu, 02/04/2010 - 18:08