To give is our nature

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Somebody said this in response to a recent blog comment of mine, talking about "beginner's mind":

"This is beautiful omkardatta. We must always remember and preserve this attitude of beginners to make sure input channels are kept wide open."

My reply was as follows, and I post it as a blogging because I feel it's important enough:

"If we can't follow our own inner star, we may need input channels from others. Otherwise, Nisargadatta's advice applies: "Be entirely self-determined and ruled from within, not from without."

The ego is like a black hole (of want and need), and the enlightened consciousness is like a star. Nothing need go in, because nothing is needed. Just to be aware.

P.S. to GIVE (advice or anything else) is not egoic. To *take* is egoic! People are so muddled up inside. Giving from an overflowing heart is non-egoic, taking (out of need, want, desire) is egoic, period.

Someone may say "If everyone's giving and nobody's taking, there's nobody to give to". Quite right -- there is nobody to give to. We are One, and always have been. Yet we give anyway, because to give is our nature."

Extricate your Self from this social cluster-poop of endless conformity and compromise, and be what you are.

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you mean

You mean the blog post ?

I think the complete dialog there is also interesting

suzame | Wed, 01/07/2009 - 23:01
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Yes, I think that's the one. In any case, my reply is reposted here. The complete dialogue is of course interesting, too.

Omkaradatta | Thu, 01/08/2009 - 01:11