the Gita's Epic Battle

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The Relativity of Modern Physics tells us that as speed increases time slows and space shrinks while mass increases. This cannot be understood with Newtonian Physics in which time, space and mass cannot expand or shrink.

To understand Modern Physics' Relativity literally EVERYTHING that has been learned in classical physics MUST be discarded, and if that is not possible then it must be ruthlessly destroyed.

The same goes for so-called “Spirituality.”

The material world is a Black Hole for dualities. A Black Hole in which literally everything we learn from religion, society and science makes the Black Hole deeper and darker by making dualities appear more and more real.

Nonduality, SELF, Advaita tells us that all dualities are Illusion.
To “Understand” this, everything that has been learned about dualities MUST be discarded.. and if they cannot be discarded they must be ruthlessly destroyed, READ: “Epic Battle.”

If History is examined... the biggest culprit for conflict has always been the mother and father of ALL dualities: the scriptures.
All our dualities are rooted in the Scriptures, like Bible. Science did not change all the dualities of the Bible it used numbers and formulas to make them appear even more real.

the Language of the Bible creates a God that makes all the Bible's dualities appear real.
The most mind-blowing story in the Bible is its “Rebel”: Lucifer's rebellion against the Bible, alias God.

Who could possible rebel against all the dualities the Bible creates? ... what kind of person has no choice but rebel against all dualities? .. who would want to get out of the Black Hole that dualities need to appear real?

a Rebel against dualities doesn't have to be an enemy of god – all the Rebel has to do is ignore God and his dualities. INDIFFERENCE is enough for religion/society and its god to make anyone who ignores Dualities – into the enemy, Rebel, exactly like Lucifer.

The ONLY person that could rebel against God is one who ignores God's dualities. To religions and its society and science this person must be the “enemy,” Rebel, that religion calls Devil.

The reason why all the experts of his time wanted to more or less crucify Buddha was because he was INDIFFERENT to dualities.
And that is why both Rome and the Jews crucified Jesus
because he also was INDIFFERENT to all the dualities that made religion, Jews, their scriptures, and Rome appear real.

The Awakening, Enlightenment of “Self-realization” is all about going beyond the dualities god needs to appear real.. it is thus going beyond god.

For the true seeker NOTHING can get in the way ... NOT EVEN GOD. So that if god gets in the way the Seeker has – NO CHOICE – but destroy god ruthlessly ...
for getting "in the way,"
makes god vanish – FOREVER. (Stage II in Self). THERE IS A VERY GOOD REASON for god vanishing forever – he was never "in the way."

Anyone who refuses to ruthlessly rebel against the reality that religion's god needs to appear real
is no Rebel, NOT EVEN A SEEKER,
but just another mindless gutless blind and deaf soldier/puppet/pawn/slave, robot, to society and its intellectuals and religions.

If the Seeker is for real – and thus seriously wants to be ONE with SELF -- he must discard the concept of god, and if this is impossible then the Seeker has no-choice but to ruthlessly destroy god with the SAME fury/determination Arjuna needed (had no-choice but ) to fight his Epic Battle.

Only when the concept of god vanishes can the "realization" that ALL IS SELF follow, so the Seeker can then realize that both love and hate – and everything that is thought and done – be it of virtue or vice – is the same ONE, Self.

Indeed only when the very concept of of God is destroyed/ vanishes can the Seeker go back and read the Bhagavad Gita again ... and realize that Arjuna's Epic Battle was EPIC -- by far the greatest battle imaginable -- because in this Epic battle EVERYTHING that appears real is destroyed.
This Epic Battle thus goes far further than fighting family, teachers and friends – it is to destroy all dualities, reality ... everything that appears real and this includes both guru and god.

... Only when the Seeker (the Rebel against dualities) realizes that there is no separation between Seeker and guru and god ....

THEN both Guru and God ARE DESTROYED
-- AS THEY VANISH, into the same Self.

-- really, Really, REALLY

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The Gita's Epic Battle

A good explanation of a very difficult subject.

Reality is either an amusement park, or a monkey house, depending on your point.

But when measured against the Cosmos, and the cycles of Life and Death manifested in Celestial Time, it does seem that all dramas are just a meaningless activity!

We have no votes in reality!

ONLYPILL | Wed, 08/05/2009 - 22:34
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good but something is missing!

u r either very bold and correct or an idiot in hands of time...

but truly any mind that is tuned to epics as bread winning and storytellers will become pennyless if ur concept is accepted....

but u too have to pose ur opinion by accepting the battle to be true....

philosophy abstract in best possible terms....

ur welcome with ur thoughts as also they who accept all else is true....

still i voted for ur sheer courage.
with love

dhorai | Thu, 08/06/2009 - 01:50
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Well said

Dear Genep,There is nothing more to add or subtract on what you have said.It is perfectly perfect. From my side I give you 5 on 5 .

joshoda | Thu, 08/06/2009 - 06:46
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hi joshita

years ago I stopped taking credit for what my hands write to make me laugh at their meanings... that seem to get deeper and deeper the more I laugh.

If the words rind a bell for you -- or if they also make you laugh at their meaning then I can assure you that your laughter is the same Self that uses my hands to write the words that make me laugh more and more.

I sort of figure that the only reason the Self uses my hands to write its comedy is because, very simply, I don't get in the way of their meaning: if I got in the way of their meaning they could never make me laugh, let alone laugh more and more at their always deeper and deeper meanings.

-- really

genep | Sun, 08/09/2009 - 00:34