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Spirituality and spiritual awakening are “catch all” phrases that have been tossed around by many new age followers. Their interpretations are as diverse as the people who bow to them and as deep or shallow as their awareness or illusion.

True understanding of what spirituality and spiritual awakening is, does not lay in what doctrine is in fashion at the moment. Nor is it something that is only available to those who have the resources to either purchase it, or the connections to have it imparted onto them. It is not some hidden dogma that is accessible only to some elitist factions or secret knowledge that is released to a chosen few.

It is part of who we all are and our Divine right as BE-ings of Creation. We are spirit, the energy of Love in its truest and purest form. Our spirituality is an innate part of our Oneness with God and the Universe. It is the path that leads back to our Cosmic Origins, back to the Divinity, back to Creation. Awakening this understanding, this knowledge is the God give right of every particle of our existence.

Remembering who and what we are is a gift…

A gift from ourselves to ourselves, nothing more. It is not something that someone else can do for you. Sure, there are many that can show you the paths they have walked or the choices they have made, that have helped them awaken from this stupor, but like anyone who is in a state of self imposed exile in the delusion of their incarceration, the key to opening the door lies only within one’s own reach.

Through Love, we come full circle. Love is the skeletal key that opens all locks, tears down all walls, heals all pain and suffering, and dissolves all illusion. For anything other than Love, does not exist. It is this awareness that connects us with our higher consciousness, with our Cosmic genesis, with our Divinity.

Universal Love removes all things which differentiate us; which segregate us; which compartmentalize us; which chain our hearts and bind souls. When we let go and let God, we let Love remove the blinders so that we truly remember. Pure, True, Unconditional Love is what we are. It is the energy of Creation—of our existence. Born from it, it is our life force—we resonate with it and become ONE...this awareness of who we truly are, this joining in Divinity, is our spiritual awakening.

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Thank you for the clarity of you comments. I look forward to each of your blogs.
I bow in awe to the absolute perfection of all existence. What a blessed life we have that this love is the essence of everything and we can come to have the awareness of this love as a constant in our lives. For we are this love.

gentlyok | Tue, 09/22/2009 - 12:53
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We are love...


Thank you for your comments.

Nothing lasts forever...except Love. This is the essence of Creation and the truth of our existence. We are this love, pure and true through-out eternity.

The Divinity within you illuminates the world around you...

Premananda | Tue, 09/22/2009 - 14:11
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With Love...

Love to All You Love-ly Souls.

With Love,


Azeemi | Wed, 09/23/2009 - 08:04