To get above THE MAAYA..

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while being in this earthly body..

... its extremely difficult to overcome the MAAYA..!!!

despite realizing the reality, you can not just get above the illusion which never leaves your conscious..

there are occasions when you can ditch this supreme power of nature, on the call of your super-conscious..

but this illusory super power the MAAYA is acting and dragging you all the time from your birth till you depart from your human existance..!!!

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Try Ayahuasca and you will find that it is possible to transcend maya.

carlito santo | Sun, 04/07/2013 - 12:03
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Ayahuasca is Maya...

did you know Ayahuasca is Maya, a perfect example of Her Manifestation and Divine Play...

The only way to really transcend Maya is to Surrender Everything to Her.

She is the Very Power of the Self of Infinite Possibilities to Experiencing Being. Therefore there is nothing which is experienced of Infinity which is not this Power (Sakti) called Maha Maya, everything conceived is just a reflection of this Unlimited Power in the Infinite Medium of Consciousness (Siva). That is why the only way to Transcend That and Witness It in Totality is to SURRENDER all concepts of self and Reality, to allow the Ever Illumined Reality of Being to shine forward in all the Ever Present Glory of Infinity, Pure Consciousness s- All-pervasive Being with Unlimited Power (Sakti) to experience Being (Maha Maya)...

Maya is your Friend, Your Mother, The Very Power of the Self...

We are getting what we ask for of Her Infinite Possibilities. Sadhana is being EFFECTIVE in what and how you are asking, rather than being a slave in reacting to the parabda karma as it comes to fruit before your eyes.

Aum Na Ma Si Vaa Ya

Darshan Baba | Tue, 04/09/2013 - 21:53
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To get out of maya using maya

Ayahuasca is not maya but a gateway from maya to the beyond. Try it and you will understand that. Surrender is a powerful tool but it cannot yield what Ayahuasca does so efficiently as surrender is mind and is completely maya. Sometimes it is essential to have help from an external source, be it a guru, a spirit with a certain functionality or a substance.

carlito santo | Wed, 04/10/2013 - 11:30
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aum maa

this body has indeed "tried" the Grandmother Medicine in well over 50 ceremonies and over 100 times communing with the Medicine... It is clear that you do not understand the post you were replying to, you do not know What Maya is really, or what the Word/Concept holds a place for.

It is fine and even good that you have such great faith and Love for the Medicine, and Her work/Pathway, but it is even better if you can give yourself completely over to That work and Truth rather than just lip servicing it, that is what surrender is and Ayahuasca can be a devastatingly uncomfortable experience if you cannot learn surrender.

Dont worry barely anybody really understands the Great Goddess Maha Maya, one little form of Her being Ayahuasca, so we are not surprised at your answer demonstrating this misunderstanding...

Darshan Baba | Wed, 04/10/2013 - 21:11
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Ayahuasca and the surrender with devotion

i m little too small to talk this

BUT allow me plz..

Ayahuasca ( along with being the medicinal term it says inner vision, seeing in to self or own-ness)

so from the vision of both the above posts what i could infer was..
... " by seeing in to ourselves only we can understand what Maaya is, and when we know what is Maaya and what not, then we are steps closer to surrender with devotion "

so concepts seem complimentary.. going hand in hand !

but ultimately ..... everyone falls prey to maha devi maha maaya !

our conscious is the phenomenon of nature, hence bound by laws of nature..
... may be the super-conscious can lead us out of this..

expecting more light on this...
" may the supreme lead us "

krishnad | Thu, 04/11/2013 - 15:51
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One can get rid of Maaya!!!

Practicing "Superconscious Meditation"...with the guidance of Self Realized Guru...with faith and devotion...One can get rid of Maaya!!!

Till you are carrying "Samaskara" are bound to drag by this Illusory World.As per your Karmic Samaskara you have taken birth to this Human Life...this Universe is working through GRAVITATIONAL PULL(Magnetic Feild).
With the help of Superconscious Meditation...One can attain Self Realization....This is the SUREST WAY...Inspite of living in the are not DRAWN to the WORLD!!!
Like a LOTUS floats at the surface of mud water...but it don't catches its impression.

bonya basu | Tue, 04/16/2013 - 10:21