Genpo Roshi, the path of the human being..

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"we practice meditation in order to see ourselves as we truly are and life as it truly is. when we are suffering, we can look inside to find the cause - always some form of clinging. by noticing how quickly we attach to new ideas and perspectives, we can begin to unlearn the habit. one trick is to watch for moments when we feel the need to defend ourselves or our point of view. defensiveness is always a red flag; it shows that we have once again become stuck in a point of view. we are pretending to be solid, and we want everyone else to go along with it. with a little honesty and effort, we can determine where we are stuck and then choose to let go. gradually we become more flexible, finding it easier to let go of our perspectives. we take this 'me' less seriously, appreciating instead our dynamic and unfixed true nature.
with practice, we begin to see the whorl from the perspective of BIG MIND, which can see all perspectives but clings to none. we learn that it is possible to return to the view of BIG MIND whenever we've become stuck. it's easiest to assume that we're stuck somewhere; we only have to figure out where and then let go. liberation from the self is living each day without a place to stand or ideas about who we are. that's when we can dance with life."