Genpo Roshi, the path of being human

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"in the beginning of practice, we focus primarily on learning the form of meditation. we learn how to work with our bodies so that we can sit comfortably in zazen with good posture and natural breathing, and we learn how to work with our minds so that we can focus our attention. at some point we experience an opening to our true nature. we call that first experience of non duality 'the shift' because it is a shift from our usual way of perceiving reality. suddenly, instead of perceiving only the apparent reality, what appears to be so, we have a direct experience of the absolute reality that underlies and pervades all things, including the self. once we have glimpsed the absolute, the self never again seems so solid or permanent. our usual way of perceiving the self and the world has been cut through, even if only for an instant, and it becomes easier to remember that duality is just one side of reality."